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“Water…” Dounia said as soon as she opened her eyes. Then she covered her stomach again in a hurry. “I need to go to the toilet.”

McCarthy hurriedly handed a bowl of water over, but didn’t allow his wife to sit up. “You aren’t well, don’t get up, I…” McCarthy still hadn’t finished speaking when his wife suddenly drank the water all the water, and then jumped up to run into the toilet. McCarthy had never seen such speed before, so he opened his eyes wide, shocked!

“The report is out.” Zhao Lingyu said, looking at the direction of the toilet and frowning slightly. The Face Nourishing Pill needed to be eaten for some time to show its effect and some people didn’t even notice its effect at first. That’s why he didn’t stop Ren Sheng, but Dounia’s reaction was a little intense. What the hell is going on?

With Zhao Lingyu’s reminder, McCarthy looked at the report next to him. “Severe water shortage, malnutrition, diarrhea… What is this?” McCarthy looked at the report in his hand with a little helplessness.

“What about the rest?” Zhao Lingyu asked again.

“Just like before.” McCarthy frowned slightly.

“I think it’s a bit different. I’m very energetic now.” Dounia came out of the toilet with a glass of water. After drinking it, she drank two more glasses.

“Dounia…” McCarthy watched his wife and his mouth twitched slightly. His wife’s behavior has always been elegant, but now the way she drank the water was…. Umm, heroic.

“Thank you. I’m not doing very well right now. I will go to clean up first.” Dounia said after drinking her fourth glass of water. Dounia’s face was still pale and sweaty. Her hair was drenched with sweat and she even looked very embarrassed… but her spirit was very good. Her pair of eyes were still very bright. Seeing her like this, McCarthy looked at Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu with an expression that wasn’t as guarded as before.

It’s just that Dounia’s situation was very special, so Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng couldn’t leave for a while. Ren Sheng saw that Dounia’s health was very bad and the Face Nourishing Pill was good for her body, so he took it out as a thank you gift. But he didn’t expect that Dounia would react like this. He couldn’t help feeling some remorse, but soon let go of such emotions.

The thing was already done and there was no need to be remorseful. If he wanted to become stronger, he naturally couldn’t rely on hiding forever. With this in mind, Ren Sheng’s attention returned to Big Baby.

He knew that the child in his arms was his own Big Baby. But Big Baby’s appearance today was a bit surprising to him. His other three children had grown faster than ordinary children, but Big Baby grew even faster than them…

What the hell is going on here? Ren Sheng was a little surprised to find that the energy in Big Baby’s body was a bit chaotic. No it wasn’t just a little chaotic. Big Baby’s energy looked… Simply the same as Zhao Lingyu’s who was a demonic cultivator!

Big Baby was u

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