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The idol she picked made it all the way to the finals. Lola was very proud of that and was naturally also very excited to broadcast the news.

“The identity of No. 472 has been guessed, but who No. 78 is, is still a secret. Let’s wait and see who is hidden under number 78! Well I was wrong, let’s wait to see who the final champion will be!” Lola said loudly and when she finished she smiled playfully. “Obviously now everyone should be waiting for the results of the competition, but I’m more interested in knowing who 78 is in the end and not who will win in the end. If 78 turns out to be a handsome big man, I will definitely go to offer a kiss!”

“Who is that woman?” Zhao Lingyu, who used a public internet access device and used a rigid public appearance, pointed at Lola while looking at Crohn who was beside him.

“She’s a very famous host. She’s very beautiful, isn’t she?” Crohn winked at Zhao Lingyu. His action would look very handsome if he used his own body, but right now… the person who sat next to him just turned his head unforgivingly.

“Is that so?” Zhao Lingyu frowned. Although Crohn couldn’t see Zhao Lingyu’s expression clearly because of his virtual body, he could guess Zhao Lingyu’s thoughts. There were also too many people around, so he didn’t say much. Instead he sent a message to Zhao Lingyu. “You won’t belittle others just because you are jealous, will you? But you can rest assured that she won’t make any moves, because she would be accused of molesting a minor and she will certainly not dare to bear the charges.

Zhao Lingyu looked at the message and became silent. Before Ren Sheng went to participate in the competition, he kissed and molested this ‘minor.’ Are there any minors in this world who have lived for more than 100,000 years? Compared with Ren Sheng, he himself was quite young!

Well, not it was not the time to worry about this because the battle just started. Ren Sheng’s opponent was very experienced and unlike those who fought with Ren Sheng before, he wasn’t disrupted by his tempo because he was fast and piloted very steadily. This undoubtedly brought some troubles to Ren Sheng but also made him quite excited. You know, he came to participate in this competition in order to gain more experience!

Adjusting his mental state, they attacked each other back and forth. Ren Sheng was in a great mood and treated it as an exercise until he was about to run out of energy. First place was a dream come true for many people, but it was of little use to Ren Sheng. The prize for first place was a custom-made mecha, but even if he didn’t win first place, Keith would definitely help him find someone to make him a mecha.

But he felt reluctant to admit defeat on purpose. What’s more, according to what he knew, his opponent already had his own exclusive mecha and he had no shortage of them, so he wouldn’t have to feel guilty for stealing someone else’s chance.

With his physical strength about to be exhausted

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