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Ren Sheng’s movements were very fast and it seemed that he was able to beat his opponent in a very short time, but every time he was about to win, he slowed down and gave his opponent time to recover. In such a confrontation, his movements became more and more fluid and he was able to deal with various attacks with ease. Of course, others didn’t know that he had improved in just one match, they all thought he was pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger at first and later just used his real skills.

This… was simply a deliberate twist! This number 78 was really too bad! Some people couldn’t help feeling upset, while others couldn’t help cheering for Ren Sheng loudly. In this competitive situation, no matter what method he used, it was obvious that he could win any time he wanted. Moreover, was there any reason for such a strong man not to be applauded by them? But Ren Sheng’s opponent couldn’t stand it any longer. When Ren Sheng accelerated his hand to attack again, he shouted, “I admit defeat!”

Hearing the other side’s words, Ren Sheng stopped and left the playing field directly. Suddenly, many people shouted “No. 78.” Such an overwhelming victory was enough to prove Ren Sheng’s strength. Anyone with eyes could see that Ren Sheng’s ability was beyond the reach of many professional mecha pilots.

They were afraid that this person not only had a strong mentality, but also had amazing hand speed! Nowadays, there were very few people, so an online competition could even end in one day. The online competition also didn’t give participants too long of a break, so Ren Sheng had another match the next day.

This time, Ren Sheng’s opponent was number 276. He had already vented before, so instead of using his tentacles at the beginning, Ren Sheng used his hands to fight his opponent with his spiritual power. Last time Lola narrated No. 78’s fight, which increased the ratings of her channel so now that she saw there was another match with Ren Sheng she immediately switched the screen over.

“Do you remember No. 78? Now it’s his turn to fight again! Let’s see what kind of great performance he will have this time! If I didn’t believe in the impartiality of the central computer, I would have thought that this is a different person! Everyone, look! When 78 was about to lose, he did a 360-degree backflip and then did two more difficult moves in a row! He also did them very smoothly! So he was actually just teasing his opponent with his messy behavior, right? This is really a master full of bad taste, but unfortunately even if I watched many of the previous sparring videos, I still can’t guess who is inside…”

While Lola narrated Ren Sheng’s match with great interest, Ren Sheng was using his roots to keep himself from losing, before retracting his roots and then fighting his opponent. His memory was very good and his hand movements were also not slow. At this time, he still used only his hands, but he has already improved a lot since the beginn

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