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This is the first celebration banquet that Zhao Lingyu has held since he became a marshal. The previous battle already exposed the news that Zhao Lingyu had reawakened his ability. Therefore, there are many people who came to the celebration banquet.

They came to make friends with the Zhao family, but were shocked by the Zhao family time after time.

Not counting the fact that Zhao Lingyu’s little boyfriend, who was said to be unable to have children, just had four children with S-class abilities. But Zhao Peng, who was said to be dying, became younger and appeared brightly in front of everyone.

The luck of the Zhao family was really wonderful!

Many people felt that they came to the right place, but others feel that they shouldn’t have come.

At the first sight of Zhao Peng, Yang Ye immediately clenched the contact device in his hand, his expression very ugly.

Zhao Peng was from his father’s generation, but he was not much older than him. He could only look up to Zhao Peng before, so he was secretly happy when Zhao Peng had an accident, but now Zhao Peng appeared again!

The fact that his fiancée was pregnant originally made Yang Ye very excited, but now this excitement has long since disappeared into thin air.

He felt like a fool, obviously he wanted to see others as a joke, but ultimately he let others see his own jokes.

Yang Ye’s fiancée had already turned off the ultrasonic device in her hand and quietly followed Yang Ye without making a sound. In fact, compared to Yang Ye, she prefers Zhao Lingyu and the First Legion, but she was already pregnant with Yang Ye’s child. If she wants to live a good life in the future, she has to rely on Yang Ye, so naturally, she has to stand on Yang Ye’s side.

“Zhao Peng, long time no see.” Elder Fang greeted him with a smile, but his eyes focused on Elder Teng, like he was in trance. He already looked like he had one foot in the coffin, but this man looked so young.

“Uncle Fang.” Zhao Peng nodded to elder Fang and then looked at Shen Qiushi again, somewhat puzzled.

Even after this training, he didn’t fully recover his strength from his heyday, but he would no longer be weaker than other S-class ability users from the Human Federation. In addition, Zhao Lingyu has completely stabilized his position as a Marshal, so he also decided to make a comeback.

Today, it was precisely the day when he decided to make his comeback.

This morning, his wife told him that she would be waiting for him at the party and would become the most dazzling person in the whole party with him, but now… Zhao Peng suddenly found that his wife didn’t even look at him.

“You have recovered? Very good.” Elder Fang smiled and said, “Today, there is so much good news from the Zhao family.” Even he couldn’t help but feel jealous

Shen Qiushi was originally watching Ren Sheng’s body, so only when she heard the movement did she notice that Zhou Peng had arrived.

Before, she had been

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