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Zhao Lingyu, however, only nodded to them indifferently and only greeted those who needed to be greeted. While Ren Sheng beside him didn’t even speak much and just wore a somehow confused smile throughout the whole process.

Seeing this scene, many people were puzzled. Zhao Lingyu was so outstanding after losing his fusion ability he woke up his S-class strength ability. How can such a person fall in love with a simple child who knows nothing?

The five great families do not care about their wives, but that was because the people they marry needed to give birth to their children. But Zhao Lingyu… did he hurt his head when he fought against the Zerg queen?

After receiving a lot of probing gazes, Ren Sheng couldn’t help feeling a little unhappy. Then he smashed the tip of his chin on Zhao Lingyu’s arm.

With his body nowadays, even if Ren Sheng took a knife and cut him, it wouldn’t be painful. But Ren Sheng acting like this… he reached out to hold Ren Sheng’s chin and asked with concern, “Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt. I only used a little force.” Ren Sheng said.

Leading Ren Sheng to the place where they could get some food, Zhao Lingyu handed him a small cake. “You bear with it, when it’s almost over, I’ll take you away first.”

“Good.” said Ren Sheng. He bit off half of the exquisite cake and criticized again, ‘This amount of food is really small. How many pieces of this cake do you need to eat, to become full? I want to eat the roasted suckling pig outside…”

For many women, this cake could be used as one meal. Maybe they will even lose weight because they feel that they have taken in too many calories. But Ren Sheng didn’t become fat at all, which was very enviable. No, there was actually nothing to envy. Zhao Lingyu thought that Ren Sheng doesn’t grow up no matter how much he eats and felt a little heartbroken.

“I’ll take you to eat later,” Zhao Lingyu said, but didn’t want to look up. Unexpectedly, he saw a commotion at the door.

What’s going on? Seeing that Ren Sheng had finished eating the cake, Zhao Lingyu prepared a few meatball he could eat while walking and headed over to the door,

The person who appeared at the door was none other than Yang Ye, and the reason for the commotion was because Yang Ye’s female companion was wearing a very loose evening dress, supposedly an evening gown for pregnant women.

“That’s right. My little Lu has been pregnant for more than a month.” Yang Ye said with a red face, and then introduced his fiancee Qiu Lu to the people present.

If Qiu Lu had not been pregnant, becoming Yang Ye’s girlfriend would provoke the jealousy of many people. But she was pregnant… For a time, the object of everyone’s jealousy would be Yang Ye.

Ordinary people had no problem giving birth to ten or twenty children in a lifetime of two hundred years. F-class, E-class, and D-class ability users could combine with each other, as long as their ability was not mutually exclusive. In t

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