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The liaison added, his words might be heavily criticized by members of parliament when he went back, but he knew he had to say so, otherwise some people might be disobedient and slow down the rescue.

His words were really useful. After finding out the star pirates ran away, some people wanted to go home and get their own things, but they no longer dared to do such a thing anymore. They could only obediently wait for rescue at the designated place.

Before he came to Planet 12534, Zhao Lingyu was very busy. Now that he had told everyone what to do, he felt empty as he stood in the main control room of the main ship, watching the situation on the planet.

The army came to the planet and everyone could board a spaceship as long as they went through weapons sweeping and alien scanning. The process could be said to be very fast, but even so every rescue point was in chaos. Many people scrambled just to get on the spaceship early, resulting in crowding which caused a lot of problems.

Seeing a middle-aged man throw his child up in order to get his son on the spaceship earlier, but instead causing the child to fall and be trampled, Zhao Lingyu’s expression became gloomy.

“Can we finish saving all the people?” Ren Sheng looked at the scene in the picture and asked anxiously.

“Certainly.” Zhao Lingyu said, suddenly lifting his foot and walking out.

“Lingyu, what are you doing?” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu in confusion.

“I’m going to stabilize the army.” Zhao Lingyu said. The scene was too chaotic. All those people pushing forward not only did not speed things up, it just slowed it down even more.

“I’ll go too!” Ren Sheng said without hesitation.

Zhao Lingyu gave him a deep look and picked him up.

Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng’s destination was the largest rescue point on the planet. Their aircraft landed slowly, before finally stopping above the rescue ship.

There were many people gathered below the rescue point and although most of them were busy crowding forward, there were many who noticed this scene. They looked up and saw a man holding a teenager.

The man in uniform stood above the airship looking very tall, his face was also very familiar to everyone. First the people close to him called out “Marshal,” then everyone called out, looking excited and full of admiration.

Still hovering on the main ship outside planet 12534, Ivor zoomed in and said, “The camera is aimed at the Marshal and the Marshal’s appearance is broadcast live across the planet.”

At this moment, all the computers, communication terminals, and communicators on Planet 12534, showed Zhao Lingyu’s appearance. Every rescue point also released the image of Zhao Lingyu with a projector.

Zhao Lingyu’s title of ‘Hero’ was not adulterated. Those people who were struggling to push forward, crying and fussing, for the first time became much quieter. All of their attention was focused on Zhao Lingyu.

“I know you all must be anxio

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