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The star pirates’ ship was very strong, but it was not difficult for Ren Sheng to make a small hole in it. When he made a small hole, his roots slowly poked in and began to stretch along the cabin of the spaceship.

This was completely unnoticed by the star pirates who were watching the battle between Corbien and Zhao Lingyu.

Zhao Lingyu’s strength today was very strong and he could even smash through the ship’s protective shield with a single punch. But it was precisely because of this that he didn’t dare to use all his strength before, during the fight in the main control room of the warship.

But now he was in space so he was not worried at all.

After catching up with Corbien, thanks to Little Green’s delay, Zhao Ligyu directly took out the big alloy dagger he had specially asked someone to make a few days ago.

This knife was made of the hardest alloy in the Federation and was very, very heavy. Of course, this weight was not anything for today’s Zhao Lingyu, so holding the knife, he directly slashed towards Corbien.

“That damned star pirate will definitely be killed by the Marshal!” Wu Shui seeing this scene from the main control room, became excited. He knew the strength of his own Marshal.

However, what happened next was beyond the expectation of everyone in the First Legion.

After the collision between Zhao Lingyu knife and Corbien knife, Zhao Lingyu’s knife was actually split into two halves, and half of the blade flew up and quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Lingyu’s expression became more and more dignified. The mecha that Corbien used had already surpassed Human Federation technology and this knife was even more powerful.

If Corbien had taken out something like this earlier, it wouldn’t be impossible to destroy the central main ship, however, Corbien obviously had some concerns.

Of course he also had concerns. Higher civilizations are forbidden to let lower civilizations know their technology, not to mention there was something wrong with Corbien’s identity.

Many thoughts flashed through Zhao Lingyu’s mind, while Corbien after a successful attack, tried to attack Zhao Lingyu again.

He had exposed too many things and if he doesn’t do some meritorious service, he was afraid that he would not be able to live a carefree life in the future! And right now, there was a big credit in front of him.

Zhao Lingyu was already dying, but suddenly healed and his body also became so good. There must be something fishy, if he could find out the reason…

The knife in Corbien’s hand shone brightly and the huge blade slashed directly at Zhao Lingyu. At the same time, his mecha also began to change shape.

Although his body quality was too poor to withstand certain movements of the mecha, in order to get Zhao Lingyu genes he could only fight.

Zhao Lingyu was hit on the shoulder by a huge sword, turning the clothes and protective shield on his body into flying ashe

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