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It’s true that his hands were slow, but he has a lot of hands!

Ren Sheng got ready and looked at Zhao Lingyu proudly.

Zhao Lingyu looked at Ren Sheng’s root tips wriggling and shaking above the button. Some of them also curled up. Suddenly he felt it was very cute.

His aesthetics now were really beyond remedy…

Just when Zhao Lingyu wanted to grab those root tips to kiss them, the soldiers who had been watching the situation became curious.

Sutton watched for a while and not seeing Zhao Lingyu move for a long time, he looked at his comrades in arms in puzzlement and said, “Why doesn’t the Marshal move?”

“When you bring your girlfriend to play a game, do you stay focused on the game?” The comrade rolled his eyes.

“Of course!” Sutton said without hesitation.

“…” His comrade gave Sutton a breathless look, “No wonder your girlfriend kicks you out every time.”

“You still have time to talk about your girlfriend at this time? The Marshal is moving again! I’m going to learn and get my A-Class pilot license!” Sutton suddenly said.

Zhao Lingyu did the A-Class maneuver again and the battleship drew a specific arc in the universe. This arc was developed after strict calculation, which could effectively avoid bombs and at the same time it could derive different changes according to different environments.

“Even if the Marshal does it a few more times, this person cannot learn it so quickly. The Marshal is too patient…” Sutton said for some movements you need to practice your hand speed first.

“That person will do it.” Sutton’s comrade suddenly said, while looking at the screen in front of him with a shocked face.

That battleship, which had just stumbled over all the b-rank moves, suddenly fluently performed the A- class maneuvers that Zhao Lingyu had just done.

“It’s not a replacement, is it?” Sutton muttered, but he knew that it was simply impossible. This simulation needed each pupil bound to their own military number. If the person was changed, the number would also be changed.

“No wonder the Marshal is so good to that teenager… so he is a genius! He is already so powerful at such a young age. In a few years…” Sutton’s comrade’s eyes were glowing – their First Legion might be able to have a fourth S-class battleship pilot!

At this time, Zhao Lingyu did another A-class maneuver and Ren Sheng once again repeated what he had just learned one by one. Then the two of them did all 10 A-Class moves one by one.

The person whose ability seemed weak at the beginning, somehow became stronger and did all these moves as if they were flowing water with no shackles or pause at all.

“The Marshal did an S-class maneuver…” Some people drew a cold breath. Although they knew that after A-class the Marshal might do an S-class maneuver, when Zhao Lingyu really did it, they felt it was unbelievable.

If that person could also do it… at the beginning when they saw Ren Sheng’s toddler piloting of the warsh

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