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If this was really the case, shouldn’t he be more afraid? How come he felt a little hot?

Zhao Lingyu let the chocolate slowly melt in his mouth, tongue licking over it and he also felt his body become a little hot.

When he went home that evening, Ren Sheng gave Shen Qiushi a box of chocolate animals. These small animals were only the size of a fingernail, but they were all realistic and very cute.

Of course, Shen Qiushi didn’t lack exquisite chocolate, but it was Ren Sheng’s handmade ones. Not to mention that the chocolate was supposed to have a beautifying effect. “Ren is really my darling!”

“Yes.” Ren Sheng answered with a smile.

Shen Qiushi saw that he was so cute that she reached out to hug him, but before Ren Sheng was hugged by her, Zhao Lingyu had already reached out and pulled back his little ginseng.

Shen Qiushi immediately glared at Zhao Lingyu. Her son was really getting less and less cute, how dare he grab someone from her!

Zhao Lingyu did not hesitate to pick up Ren Sheng, intending to go back to their room to live in their own world. As for Elder Teng… After becoming addicted to his research he simply did not want to leave the First Legion. He also intends to settle in the First Legion later.

Early the next morning, Ren Sheng went to the laboratory – although he said he would make chocolate on the way, he didn’t forget what he said.

When Ren Sheng came over, Elder Teng, who had not slept all night, was washing his face.

“Didn’t I wash my face yesterday? No, I obviously washed….” While muttering to himself, the old man rubbed a lot of mud off his face.

After rubbing, he was still the same old man with a face full of wrinkles, but his skin became a little smoother. He was so busy doing experiments, that he just did not notice it at all. Ren Sheng who noticed, didn’t say anything about it at all.

“Elder Teng let’s continue our research!” Ren Sheng said. He has a lot of alchemy skills, maybe he can reveal a little?

With all kinds of high-tech equipment, alchemy skills were useless. But, when Elder Teng became interested in his research, he once again forgot about his teacher Ren Sheng.

Forget it. He’d better go back to training on piloting warships. That was also a way of becoming stronger, isn’t it? Anyway, he can’t teach Elder Teng anything without revealing too much information.

You know, in order to spend more time studying, Elder Teng didn’t even want to learn the technique of closing Qi before.

In the next few days, Edler Teng applied for a lot of research supplies and sent in mice that were used for experiments, which made the research and development of new drugs more vigorous.

Then he found out…. These plants were so weird that they needed to be burned at a high temperature to maximize their healing effects.

He made a big circle and finally came up with the surprising result that what his master did at the beginning was right. After he came up with this a

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