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“How did you make this pill?” Elder Teng asked curiously, before he saw the flour and sugar next to him.

He then thought that the pill tasted strange. Could it be that it was kneaded out of these two?

“It was just made from mixing a little of each plant together and adding some flour.” Ren Sheng also did not hide it, but stared closely at Elder Teng to see the effect of the pill.

Although he did not use his spiritual power during the “refining” because he was worried that Elder Teng would notice it, the half finished pill should also be of some use, right?

“…” Elder Teng became speechless. “You didn’t just put it all together and crushed it before checking it out, did you?”

“No, I also heated it.” Ren Sheng’s gaze moved away from Elder Teng’s face, which was almost unchanged, except for some red spots and was somewhat disappointed – Elder Teng hadn’t become younger at all!

Well, in the end, this Face Nourishing Pill was not as effective as a true Face Nourishing Pill and Elder Teng was too old so it was normal that there wasn’t much of an effect.

But was this really going to be used as a wound medicine? If a soldier’s scars turned almost invisible after being injured, would it be considered flawed?

What if these soldiers kept eating it and didn’t age collectively? What should he do?

Well, it was impossible for such a thing to happen – the amount of refined soil Zhao Lingyu provided to him every month was not enough for him to use now that he was pregnant, so how could he possibly cultivate a large number of herbs again?

“How many degrees?” Elder Teng looked at the electric crucible next to him and was speechless when he flipped through the records. “The highest temperature? That can bake the plants to ashes! How can there be any medicinal effects after that?”

It was effective! They were not ordinary plants after all! But that could not be said, so Ren Sheng just simply said, “It’s turned into ash.”

“Then you just pinched the ash and flour together, added some sugar and gave it to me to eat?” Elder Teng looked sadly at this master, what if his stomach got upset?

“Didn’t you say that this medicine works well? I think this medicine will be good like this in the future.” Ren Sheng said. Although the effect of the Face Nourishing Pill couldn’t be seen on Elder Teng’s face, its effect when healing injuries was good. When he thought about it, if you wanted to make your face beautiful, you needed to first nourish your body. So this effect was bound to exist and there was some spiritual energy in the pill.

Although there was no spiritual energy in this world, the plants themselves were spiritual plants and he used the refined soil to grow them, so they certainly must have some spiritual energy in their bodies.

Such low spiritual energy may not be valued by cultivators who had strong spiritual energy, but in this world without spiritual power, for a group of people who never cultivated… it was p

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