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Chapter 74 – Decision Of Going To Ruoya

In the Human Federation, several photos became widely spread. The background of these photos was the Convention Center that became a ruin.

The main characters of the photos were Ren Sheng, Elder Teng, Elder Fang, and Zhao Lingyu, who ended up with a charred black body, as well as many people who suffered in the exhibition center.

That day, because the two people from the Ruoya Empire manipulated all the robots to attack recklessly, many ordinary people were killed. But there were also many people who survived, who used their equipment to film the situation in the Convention and Exhibition Center.

Elder Teng who saved everyone with Little Green, as well as Elder Fang who tried to intercept those two to his death, Fang Chengjun and Zhao Peng, who didn’t give up the resistance even after being seriously injured, all of them are now the idols of the people.

But the photo with the highest click rate belonged to Ren Sheng.

In the photo, Ren Sheng’s body was covered in blood as he held his three children, looking up at the sky while the whole background was the picture of the ruin.

Destruction and renewal. The photo formed a strong contrast, which made many people cry.

These materials… these photos… spread all over the entire Human Federation in a very short time and together with the news of the higher civilization.

The existence of aliens in this world has been known to humans for a long time, but the existence of higher civilizations was not known to the ordinary people. This news can be said to have caused a huge uproar in the Human Federation, causing most people to not have good feelings towards higher civilizations.

Because of this, when Zhao Lingyu dealt with the Locke family and the Yang family, it didn’t cause much resistance. Even the Yang family legion didn’t cause much resistance and integrated with him in a very short period of time.

However, although a lot of things were done, Zhao Lingyu let others do it though the internet, because he has been staying by Ren Sheng and his three children’s side these days.

Now he didn’t dare to leave these people easily.

“The Yang family’s second legion doesn’t need to be broken up, just promote some ordinary officers to lead soldiers according to different military regions. The first Legion will do the same. In the future, the Human Federation will not be divided into legions, but only in military districts.” Zhao Lingyu said to the other end of the screen.

The Human Federation was formerly divided into seven legions, which were respectively controlled by different S-class abilities users families. Later many families could no longer produce S-class ability users, so the seven legions gradually became two legions.

In fact, such a configuration was not very reasonable. As the Human Federation became larger and larger, it also became more convenient to divide it into military regions for management.


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