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Chapter 72.2 – They Are All Out Of Their Shells

Ren Sheng circled the three children in his arms and continued to look above. At this time, without the control of the higher civilization, the robots in the convention center had all stopped moving and Little Green had regained its freedom.

Parts of its body had been burned before, so after it regained its freedom, it rubbed against Elder Teng so he could comfort him. However, Elder Teng who used to spoil it very much, didn’t do so this time.

After holding Little Green in his hand, Elder Teng suddenly controlled it to grow long and then rolled up the mecha that had fallen to the ground and dragged out a person from it.

It was the female ability user.

She was very beautiful. Although she was in a mess now, her fiery red hair and eyes still made her look very dazzling. But the people around her looked at her without the slightest bit of admiration, only with a strong hatred.

This time in the convention and exhibition center, there were tens of thousands of dead and injured people.

Little green tightened more and more, cutting the flesh on that female ability user’s body, making her finally wake up while screaming in the Ruoya language. “My psychic power! My psychic power!”

Her words could only be understood by Ren Sheng, who had used his mental power to scan the language chip provided to Zhao Lingyu by Crohn. But he only felt happy when he understood it.

“It would be too cheap to just let you die like this!” Elder Teng smashed the woman on the ground, not hiding the hatred in his eyes at all.

Elder Fang was dead.

At the beginning, Elder Teng also hated Elder Fang, but he was equally clear that Elder Fang had never wronged him. If Elder Fang had not compromised at the beginning, he might have died, even if the other party later got together with another woman and had a child, he had already broken up with him by then.

His parents’ death was not caused by the Fang family either.

Rather, it was him who in a moment of anger destroyed the ancestral home of the Fang family.

He was actually weak-minded, so he insisted on not setting foot on Capital Star and it was only after talking with Elder Fang, that he let go of the past.

Elder Fang didn’t have many days to live, he knew it. But if he kept taking Nourishing Potions, he could always live a few more years, which wouldn’t be difficult with the Fang family’s financial resources.

He and Elder Fang had been good brothers for decades. Leaving aside that relationship, he had already made up his mind to accompany Elder Fang through his last years, so that neither side would have any regrets.

But as a result, Elder Fang unexpectedly died.

Elder Fang was still standing there, with cold air coming out of his body, but there was no breath of life left inside of him.

Fang Chengjun’s ability had been exhausted, so at this time when he stood beside his grandfather, the ever-present smile on h

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