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Chapter 75 – Four Little Children

Elder Teng’s words were a bit abrupt, but Zhao Lingyu’s expression didn’t change at all. “How did you know that I was going to the Ruoya Empire?”

“You guys will definitely go.” Elder Teng smiled bitterly. “You guys are going to find someone and I’m going to take revenge. How about going together?”

“Good.” Zhao Lingyu nodded his head. Elder Teng was going to take revenge, how could he not? The child in his arms was soft and depended on him, but the one who was kidnapped…

Hearing Zhao Lingyu’s promise, Elder Teng turned back and looked at the man lying in the crystal coffin.

He worshipped his cousin from an early age. When he was very young, he cried loudly because his ability was different from that of his cousin. Later, when he grew up, he also pursued this man passionately.

At that time, this man rejected him many times, but he only became more and more frustrated and brave. He finally got together secretly with the other person, but there was always a feeling of unease in him.

He didn’t understand the reason at first, until later both of their parents objected fiercely.

In this life, they spent more time apart than together, but no matter what, this person was still the most important person to him.

In the previous battle his plant ability was really useless. Had it not been for this man’s protection, he would have died earlier than he did.

Now that this person was dead, it was impossible for him to not avenge him.

“That person from the Ruoya Empire, how is the questioning going?” Zhao Lingyu asked again. He was very disgusted with that female ability user who sneaked in, so he didn’t even go through the formal procedures to interrogate this person and instead directly handed her over to Elder Teng.

He knew very well that Elder Teng should hate her even more than he did. But because he wanted to stay by Ren Sheng’s side, letting Elder Teng interrogate her was the best choice.

He believed that Elder Teng would take good care of her.

“She didn’t say anything.” The woman was very tight-lipped and didn’t say anything. She even tried to kill herself. Fortunately, the Human Federation’s technology was good enough to make her defenseless and not give her a chance to commit suicide.

Elder Teng’s face, which had become younger, flashed with a ruthlessness that had never appeared before.

Seeing this expression on Elder Teng’s face, Zhao Lingyu frowned slightly. “What did you do?”

“I had someone operate on her and remove all the bones in her body.” Elder Teng said.

Even if the people of the Ruoya Empire were strong, after being drained of their abilities and having the bones removed, the threat they posed became very small. Zhao Lingyu immediately sighed in relief, but Ren Sheng suddenly said, “She can also use spiritual power.”

Ruoya Empire people could use spiritual power, however from what Ren Sheng felt, their spiritual power was not strong a

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