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Chapter 81 – Underage Protection Law

In the Human Federation, you became an adult at the age of 18. This was also the identity that Zhao Lingyu arranged for Ren Sheng at the beginning, just old enough to be an adult.

In fact, if it was not for the fact that underage people couldn’t do many things. Given Ren Sheng’s situation at that time, it would be normal to register him as 14 or 15 years old.

When they came to the Ruoya Empire and rearranged their identities, the people who arranged their identities looked at Ren Sheng’s information and then looked at Ren Sheng who had shrunk again because of his injuries and then copied his original age.

So, the information that the network police officer pulled out just now, showed that Ren Sheng was 19 years old.

There were many ordinary people in the Human Federation and their average life expectancy was one hundred and fifty years. Even with surgeries to extend their lives, it was difficult to exceed two hundred years. So at the age of nineteen, most people had already learned everything they needed. But in the Ruoya Empire, it was different.

The average life expectancy in the Ruoya Empire was hundreds of years and children were very precious. Because of it, minors were extremely well protected and in the eyes of most people, a nineteen year old was still a child.

Hearing the network police officer, all eyes landed on Ren Sheng, revealing that he only reached Eugene’s chin with his head and his appearance also looked very young. He was indeed underage.

Eugene was young in the eyes of most people, which was why no one would target him before, but now, the one who was in conflict with him was a man half his age…

“Mr. Greenton was insulted by Mr. Eugene while using the public training ground and injured Mr. Eugene when he fought back, that’s what happened. Mr. Eugene you insulted a minor which is not conducive to the harmony of the network. You will be banned from the network for twenty days and will need to go to the Network Security Center to listen to six educational classes. Mr. Greenton, although you have used violence on the Internet, according to the regulations on the protection of minors, you do not need to be held responsible. You only need to receive counseling from a psychiatrist, but because it was an accident during the battle you cannot receive counseling.” The network police officer gave the final disposition of the results.

Everyone except Eugene had no objection to this result, but Ren Sheng was vaguely embarrassed after he realized that Greenton was his current name.

He was definitely older than all the people present put together, but he was treated as a minor…

Uh, in the Human Federation underage people couldn’t get married and it could be considered an abuse… Him and Zhao Lingyu being together should not be illegal here, right?

Ren Sheng was still pondering about it, when Eugene glared at him before turning his head angrily. “He is no

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