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Chapter 79 – Scanning Data

The decision to learn about mechas was made by Ren Sheng after careful consideration.

There was no spiritual power in this world, so no matter which spell he uses, the effect would be compromised. Not to mention that his spiritual power was of wood attribute, which was particularly bad at attacking.

If he was still in the cultivation world, he could still remedy this situation. Find some magic tools, get some spiritual plants to sign contracts with, save more spirit stones… as long as the resources were enough, if he wanted to crush others it wouldn’t be a problem.

But he doesn’t have the resources now.

The cave mansion left to him by his master has long since been exhausted after more than 100,000 years. Not to mention the spirit stones, even the pills had all been absorbed. In such a situation, how could he go out and fight others for resources?

He still has a few magic tools, but although they were suitable for use, they consumed too much spiritual power. The low level pills he refined now couldn’t make up for it and he couldn’t refine more high level ones. Therefore, if he wanted to increase his strength, he must think of other ways.

Ren Sheng noticed the mecha because of the Crohn. Crohn was already a strong level 8 ability user, but he still used a mecha. The two level seven ability users who come to the Human Federation to kidnap people also used mecha…

Because of the rapid development of technology in the Ruoya Empire, the combat effectiveness of high-level mecha wasn’t weaker than that of a high-level ability user. However, high-level mecha could only be piloted by high-level ability users. Therefore there was no precedent of a low-level ability user defeating a high level ability user with their mecha.

If you have a mecha, you can get a strong boost in strength. Thinking of this, Ren Sheng took a deep breath. These days when Zhao Lingyu was running outside, Ren Sheng checked the situation of mechas online. He has even learned a lot of mecha knowledge, but was short of practice. Of course, Zhao Lingyu wouldn’t disagree with Ren Sheng’s request. He was silent for a moment before contacting Crohn directly.

“Ren Sheng wants to learn mecha? Isn’t he too weak? Instead, why doesn’t he learn to pilot a warship? I remember when I first arrived at the Human Federation, I was amazed by your skill of piloting a warship.” Crohn said. He already knew that Ren Sheng wasn’t as weak as he thought at first, but even so, he still felt that Zhao Lingyu was stronger.

“The one who piloted the battleship in the first place was Ren Sheng.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Crohn’s entire body froze as he was full of disbelief, but after thinking about it carefully, he felt that it must be true. His contact with Zhao Lingyu these days, let him know that Zhao Lingyu was very strong. But Zhao Lingyu’s spiritual power was very average, but at that time, the pilot was clearly a person with very strong spir

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