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Chapter 70.1 – Participating in the Exhibition

Gerd was walking.

After Keith had started advising him on mech design, he was given strict control over his diet and exercise, so he had to live a healthy life.

He obviously preferred to stay in the lab and work on the mechs, but was ‘driven’ to walk in the yard.

“Have you had any discomfort lately?” Keith wrote down all the data and looked up at Gerd.

“It’s not uncomfortable, it’s just that my abilities don’t work often and I also get tired easily. I need to take some Nourishing Potions then.” Gerd said. He felt that he had made the right decision to live in the Zhao family’s house.

It was impossible for him to fill out the application form and apply for a donation, so if he doesn’t live in the Zhao family house, he would need to spend a lot of money to buy Nourishing Potions. Even if he was rich, he couldn’t bear spending so much money.

However if he ate too many Nourishing Potions, it will also make him feel the side effects of the Nourishing Potions.

Gerd, who had always been proud of his fit appearance, suddenly found that his skin was much fairer and he looked much younger. He was not as dignified as before.

“Eh.” Keith lowered his head again.

It was at this time that Ren Sheng walked out. “Gerd, I have a new medicine here, come and try it!” The Qi Replenishment Pill not only has the effect of replenishing spiritual energy, it also allows low-ranking cultivators to eliminate the impurities in their bodies, to quickly restore their bodies. With so many uses, Gerd should be able to eat it now.

Even if he couldn’t eat it… with him around, it was a simple matter to help Gerd absorb the excess spiritual energy.

“What does this medicine do?” Gerd no longer dared to eat anything indiscriminately.

“New medicine?” Keith looked at Ren Sheng with an expressionless face.

Keith’s cold appearance made Ren Sheng feel a chill all over his body, but he still answered Gerd. “This medicine should have the effect of nourishing your body and it’s also good for the child.”

“Is that so?” Gerd took a pill and ate it without hesitation. At the same time, he also felt a warm current spreading through his body, making him very comfortable.

He even felt the two embryos in his body for the first time, as if they were absorbing this warmth.

Because of the importance of children, Gerd never thought of hurting the two children in his belly. But as a man, he sometimes found the two children too boring… until now when he felt their existence.

Gerd’s expression was a little stunned but Keith quickly stepped forward and put some device on Gerd to continue observing his situation.

Gerd strength was not weak, S-class ability users were able to fight against a warship. Therefore, it took him only a little more than ten minutes to absorb the Qi Replenishment Pill.

Of course, because he was not a cultivator, a lot of spiritual energy leaked out of him. Fi

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