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Cassidy knows it all too well at this point.

Since Cecile has always been framing others for her crimes and putting the blames on them, she's already expecting that she's going to do the same thing right now. There's no use denying the truth that she's been locked inside her room and everybody in the mansion was in it.

It's also a good thing that Adrian believes Cassidy right away. Since it's only recently that he begins treating her amiably, she's still not very confident that he's going to side with her. Then again, she's still not even used to the way he's acting all generously by lavishing things on her.


As soon as Adrian says her name, Cecile straightens her back, tensing up even more. His tone is tyrannical and so is his expression. She used to see him like this a number of times before, but it's never directed to her or any of them.

During those times, he already looks daunting even in the eyes of the witnesses. Now that she and the other maids are the target of his dagger-like gaze, it has become greatly disconcerting.

"Who locked the door and why did they do it?" Adrian continued before standing up from his seat and walking closer to the maids.

"P-President, I-I..." Cecile trailed off with a quivering tone before taking a glance at his wife who stayed behind him.

'Good luck,' Cassidy mouthed with a mocking smile, vexing her and making her flare up internally.

Right then, just as the redhead expected, she went on and lied to her husband's face. All the other maids stiffened and paled in aghast shock the moment she began explaining about the doorknob.

"I'm mortified to say that everybody who came with me today had locked Ma'am Cassidy up inside her bedroom. They forced her to stay put so that she could properly meet the Madam."

Taken aback by the head maid's answer and the mention of his mother, his eyes widened for a bit.

That's when Adrian realizes that he really isn't aware of what's happening inside his own home. Nobody told him about Irish replacing his houseworkers, Cassidy's dangerous act of jumping from the balcony, and now, it's Gertrude's unannounced arrival.

So many things had taken place, and he had no idea at all.

He thinks that his wife's decision not to meet his mother is understandable. They never get along in the first place. Besides, he just told her to avoid anyone who would make her feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, locking Cassidy up like that doesn't have any acceptable excuse.

They're just mere houseworkers yet they dared to treat their mistress like that. The fact that she even had to risk her safety again by doing that stunt in the balcony only meant that her situation was that bad.

There's no need for further explanation. Adrian could already figure out that Cassidy must have been shouting and banging on the door that entire time but only to be heard by none.

With all these thoughts in mind, Adrian remained

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