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After washing up and taking a shower, Cassidy proceeds to look for the only spare of clothes she has at the moment.

Since all of her belongings got burned down together with the car yesterday, she had brought nothing with her. They were originally planning to shop for clothes and other stuffs when they were in the mall last night, but they saved it for another time in order to make it to the birthday party.

"Well, not like I'm complaining with what I have right now. In fact, this is more comfortable for me even though it's a lot more modest compared to my fancy garments back at home," Cassidy mused out loud as she took out her outfit for today.

It's a plain yellow summer dress that flows all the way down to her t.h.i.g.hs. As it is one of the spare clothes that are meant for a guest in case one stays there unannounced, the size is a matter of hit or miss. Fortunately, she just fits right in with her toned body.

"I should remind bossman that I need to buy my personal uses today."

With that plan in mind, Cassidy wraps up her preparations and goes back outside.

Yet as soon as she reaches the terrace of the second floor, she suddenly halts on her tracks, taken aback to find a group of unfamiliar men talking with her husband. She also catches sight of his secretary and elder brother among the crowd.

It's quite a scene to see early in the morning, and it gives her the impression that something big is up. They appear to have come out from the corridor beside the living room, which probably means that they're inside the lounge a moment ago.

Right now, they look like they're already about to leave.

"Oh, could they be... investigators and detectives?" Cassidy wondered silently as she just continued to watch the exchange from above.

That's when one of the visitors notices her all of the sudden. He's a grey-haired man around his forty's, wearing a checkered polo and plain trousers. For some reason, his low-key apparel doesn't match the air of maturity and professionalism around him.

"I believe that this is Mrs. Cassidy Millicent..." the man greeted her with an amicable smile, stealing everyone's attention.

"Good morning, Ma'am."

At that, Adrian and the others finally look at her direction. Caught off guard, the sudden attention gets her stepping away from the bal.u.s.trades for a bit. Not only three among these gentlemen appear dazzlingly good-looking so early in the morning, but the others follow the man who noticed her and say their greetings as well. The sight somehow surprises her a little.

"Uhhh... Yeah, good morning guys," Cassidy replied coolly after they all finished greeting her.

Now that she's been noticed, she went ahead and descended the stairs to join them. What she didn't realize was how her appearance didn't only catch their attention - rather, it drew them enough to forget about their conversation for a moment.

Even though Cassidy is wearing quite a simple summe

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