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On that night of revelations, Cassidy ends up having a fever.

She woke up to find herself lying on a bed at the same hospital where she was admitted after that fateful plane crash. Though she feels extremely warm all over, she keeps breaking out in a cold sweat. The world seems to be spinning even when she remains on the bed. It had been so long since she had a fever that it almost felt like this was a whole new sensation.

"C-Cecile, h-help me..." Cassidy breathed out shakily, acting like the world was going to end.

"I-I'm dying."

"Quit your drama, Ma'am Cassidy. You're overreacting..." Cecile deadpanned from beside her bed.

"This is what you get for overworking yourself."

Indeed, this is what she gets for rushing things, making up lies only to exhaust herself, working from morning until evening in secret, and feeling sick worried all the time.

It also does not help that she is nothing but emotionally unstable for the past weeks. With how dead set she is on keeping everything to herself, she persistently continues to carry all the burdens on her own. Even now, she can't keep herself from thinking about the work that she has left untouched.

'I still need to meet up with Sir Levi. We have to discuss that modeling work I decided to take the other day. I think I'll be able to get enough money from that job to invest in a business. That is if I combine it with my current earnings...' Cassidy thought in silence, her deeply ponderous expression not going unnoticed by the maid.

'I didn't get to land on a lot of high-paying jobs, especially since I wasn't able to finish my studies and I didn't have any particular skill. The easiest ones I could get my hands on were being a model and some other things that had to do with business promotions-'

"Speaking of overreacting, I could also say the same to President Millicent..." Cecile brought up all of the sudden, stealing back her attention and making her snap out of her thoughts.

"Instead of bringing you to your room, he called an ambulance right away. Though I understand that he was greatly shaken when you fainted out of nowhere, isn't this a little too much? He even acquired such a luxurious private room without a hitch... It's just a fever."

"Tell me about it. I myself was flabbergasted when I woke up dressed in this hospital gown. He's exaggerating."

"He did kinda assume that you hit your head or something."

While Cassidy does agree with Cecile, she knows for herself that this is more than a fever - apparently, she had recovered her lost memories at long last.

It was probably because of how shocked she felt at what Adrian confessed to her last night. This thing also happened when she learned about the arson that burned down the orphanage. She is still trying to sort out every recent revelation, but because doing so is definitely not helping her feel better, she badly wants to set it aside until she gets well again. Everything is just too mu

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