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Cassidy doesn't really want to give a damn at this point.

After seeing Adrian kissing Sophie or probably vice versa - she doesn't care anymore, she feels like bursting out in exasperation. She admits that she is enraged despite the reaction she decided to show earlier.

However, that is not really because she feels jealous or anything. Again, she reminds herself that she doesn't have that kind of relationship with her husband.

What gets her exasperated is the fact that Adrian has been doing all those romantic gestures and possessive advances towards her while in reality, he actually has this Sophie to play secret lovers with him all along.

'How infuriating... Despite what I said to blondie, I really do feel dumb,' Cassidy grimaced in aggravation.

The reason why she chose to be apathetic about it was because she honestly could not take any more of their bullshits.

She did not want to stir any uproar that would make them think that she was upset - that she cared enough to be upset. Heck, she did not even want to waste any of her time and energy on it.

That's not only because she just couldn't charge right in, pull Adrian away and start some kind of tug of war with Sophie. She's not jealous for crying out loud. But it's also for the reason that she really couldn't find a cause to make a big deal about it in the first place.

'Sure, he is my husband and all, but so what? He didn't act like that when I did my job as his wife. I've had enough of this. Besides, I'm only staying since it's still not safe to leave at this point, considering the assassination attempt and everything.'

Perhaps, she is making a bigger fuss than what she intends.

With her train of thoughts moving on and on like this, she can't take a break. Now, it's making her feel like going back there and kicking both of them in the face - throwing some punches might be satisfying too.

"You look a little too sullen for someone who just won a bet against me. What happened, dear Cassidy?"

Right then, Irish showed up before Cassidy out of nowhere.

Really, she can't take a break at all.

The brunette is smirking at her mockingly, giving her the impression that she knows a thing or two about what just went down. It does nothing but riles her up even more. Her intention to rub her off is just so clear in her conceited expression.

She did try to ignore her question and leave already, but she kept blocking her way to the exit of the bar. At that, she rolls her eyes and scowls in vex. With her current mood, she might end up taking out her aggravation at her, which will definitely not be good on her part.

"None of your business," Cassidy spat out, making her snigger in amusement.

"What's with the cold shoulders~? I thought you wanted some 'ladies' time earlier. Isn't this a good time for that, hmmm...?" Irish sneered and crossed her arms.

"Don't they make a perfect couple, though? In case you also forgot, Sophie was supposed to

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