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Just half an hour earlier, Cassidy was all hopeless and desperate after being treated by some messed-up fate to a despairing situation, but now, she suddenly found herself being treated like a princess.

This is the first time she's seeing Adrian's power and authority in effect - apart from those times back in the mansion, that is. In a matter of minutes, everyone inside the boutique is in a frenzy, attending to both of them with their best attitude and utmost respect.

They're so accommodating that they even offered first-aid and helped treat her cuts on her feet. Right after that, they assist her with choosing an outfit to wear by presenting racks after racks of clothes. For that entire time, instead of walking around to search for herself, she merely sits down on a sofa as they show their products to her.

"This is... a little uncomfortable. I'm not really used to this kind of treatment. Even inside the mansion, I prefer doing things myself instead of ordering the houseworkers..." Cassidy thought silently as the staff continued to present a set of exquisite clothing - their best in the house.

"What's more, none of what they're showing is my style. They're all too lavish and a little stiff - typical fashion of a rich woman."

Not wanting to tire the employees out for nothing, she decided to kindly excuse herself and tell them that she wants to look around the boutique. They're hesitant since she's injured, but eventually, they just choose to trail after her.

From one section to another, Cassidy takes her time to roam around. That's until she reaches an aisle beside the glass walls of the store. She suddenly catches sight of a certain apparel that she has easily gotten fond of.

"Oh, this is wicked!" she beamed with a thrilled grin, beholding a black leather jacket with silver zippers and buttons.

The employees assisting her are taken aback to find this affluent figure settling for a less sophisticated kind of fashion. She turns out to be more into a wild chic style, considering that she picks up a form-fitting attire that consists of a leather jacket, fitted denim jeans, a halter-neck white top and a black pair of high heel boots.

"Bossman said I could pick whatever I like, and since I never had this kind of clothing in my wardrobe back at home, I might as well take the chance to go all out," Cassidy mused to herself as soon as she finished gathering everything she wanted.

She was about to turn around and head to the dressing room right then, but there's something from outside the window that suddenly caught her attention. Her eyes then widen in awe and surprise the moment she peers through the glass and look at it from a distance.

"Woahhh...!What a cool-looking baby!" she enthused out of nowhere, throwing the staff off guard yet again.

Unbeknownst to her audience, Cassidy isn't actually referring to a real person. She's now goggling at this dark and devilishly handsome sports tourist mot

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