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While Damien remains looking stupefied at the side, Cassidy just keeps taking out her anger on the ocean by splashing its water all over the place.

She's this infuriated since she's really close to finishing her sand castle by that point. All there's left to do is to poke holes on it to make windows and doors. But then, nature has to interrupt at the last minute and ruin her fun.

"Party pooper...! Hmph...!" Cassidy huffed for the last time, crossing her arms indignantly all the while.

"Aunt... Cassidy? Is that you?" Damien called out as soon as he finally recognized her voice.

That's when the redhead snapped out of her tantrum and turned around to look at him.

Both of them are taken aback to see each other. While she only stared down at him with a surprised expression, he has already gotten over his own nonplus and turned to beholding her new appearance instead.

For a second there, he feels like he has seen the most beautiful redhead that he has ever laid eyes on.

The scintillating light of the sun kisses her porcelain skin while her crimson hair gleams like the glistening surface of the ocean. It's a sight that one can't see anywhere else. Only this woman before him now can display such a captivating image.

"Oh my, it's little Damien!" Cassidy chirped with an ebullient grin, pleasantly surprised.

"I-I'm sorry, Aunt...!" Damien trailed off hastily after realizing that he'd been staring for a while now.

"I didn't recognize you at all. I'm sorry."

"Hmm? What's there to be sorry for, though?"

"I-I... I was thinking of telling you to leave, you see, and I was about to say something rude... I'm sorry."

Seeing him blushing bashfully and averting his gaze, she came to realize that what she thought during their first meeting was right after all - that he's a perfectionist young boy who probably thinks that first impressions and good demeanor are everything. At first glance, he may act like the most well-behaved son out there, but in her eyes, there's that shyness that makes her think that he's only been wearing a facade the entire time.

"It's okay. No need for apologies. Besides, you thought right of sending strangers away, and I understand that you're not able to recognize me..." Cassidy continued before flipping her hair with her hand and lifting up her chin.

"After all, I look extra awesome with my red hair, right~? You can't find this awesomeness anywhere else. Maybe that's why you didn't recognize me."

At that, Damien only blinks at her, a bit dumbfounded again.

He didn't expect that she'd brag. But then, as she just continued posing like a model and showing off her new look, he couldn't help but let out a small chuckle. She's really fond of acting their age, and it amuses him to think so, especially since he's one who always tries hard to act her age.

"Aunty...! You look gorgeous with your new hair!"

Then came his two younger brothers.

With a bubb

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