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Seeing how reluctant Cassidy still is in leaving, Asher decided to convince her more.

This time, he will use another reason. That one about Grisham being capable of assassinating her inside her own home should have been convincing enough. They were fortunate that he was still not making any move since he returned from another country - for some reason they had no idea about, but it did not mean that she was already safe. If anything, he is only probably waiting for the right time to strike.

"Avoiding Grisham Donovan is not the only reason why I am asking you to leave with me tonight..." Asher started once more, turning dead serious.

"You told me that you did not want to remain in dark anymore, right? Well, I say that you will not be any longer - regarding your family, at least. I have found someone who knows about the hidden past of your parents and their connection with Maruschca Donovan."

"Y-You what...?!" Cassidy stammered out, her eyes widening in surprise and disbelief.

"H-How did you...?! W-Who is it?!"

"The answer we'd been looking for was actually a lot nearer to us than we expected. Do you remember Aira? The daughter of the caretaker of the orphanage."

"Aira...? Yes, of course. I recall her. She was one of the five children who survived the fire, wasn't she?"

"Yes. One of those lucky ones... A few years after that incident, she had been taken in by her great-aunt, Josephine, and she was still living with her in the countryside up to this day. Now, this Josephine - she knows the secrets of your family and Maruschca Donovan. Apparently, they're close a long, long time ago."

After so many years of having no idea why Maruschca appeared and began treating her like her own granddaughter out of the blue, she finally has a lead. Not to mention, she can learn more about her deceased parents at last. She lost them at a very young age, so she barely knew anything about their background.

"However, Josephine is ill and bedridden. If you want to know the truth from her personally, I can take you to their place. For the lack of a better term, I don't know how long she will last, so we've gotta move while we still can," Asher continued while Cassidy stayed quiet and deep in thought.

Silence prevails between them right then.

That's until he notices how she's appearing more and more troubled. She looks extremely exhausted. He then realizes that it might not be a good idea to pressure her when she has a fever. Knowing that he only did so because he feared that she would change her mind about Adrian made him feel quite childish and selfish.

"I'm sorry, Cassie!" Asher exclaimed and grabbed her hands all of the sudden, startling her.

"H-Huh?! What? Why?" Cassidy blurted out in bafflement.

"Sorry for pressing on you when you are sick. Am I making your head ache or something? Just say so!"

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Though it is kinda throbbing a little-"

"Then, you're not fine!"

In a haste, he

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