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citricoslarubia > Eighteen Again: The CEO's Wife Was A Delinquent > Volume N/A - CH 113
One moment the evening has felt so pleasant with his wife by his side, and then on the next, everything has started to turn into a nightmare.

Adrian watches how Cassidy stares back at him with a disconcerted expression. She appears reluctant to leave. It shows when Charles tries to pull her away, but she keeps looking back at him in worry.

At the rate of how this is going, Adrian does want Cassidy to leave. He can't afford to drag her back with him where the mad shooting is ongoing. He is already in a dire situation. As more and more people swarm all around the exit, he finds himself stuck before he eventually gets swept all the way back to where they all come from.

Yet for some reason, more than the appalling sound of gunshots that keeps penetrating through the place, what distresses him greatly is the moment when his wife completely disappears from his sight.

The bad feeling that Adrian kept getting earlier has intensified.

Something really bad is going to happen.

"President, watch out!"

While he was in the middle of sensing that premonition, someone abruptly pushed him away and sent him crashing on the ground behind a foosball table. It was then followed by a rain of bullets that would have thrust into him had he not hid immediately.

Taken aback, he hastily turns to look at the person - only to find himself even more flabbergasted.

"Sir Ray?!" Adrian exclaimed as soon as he saw him.

"Forgive me, President. I only got to warn you but did not properly disclose a possible attack tonight. This is it. The pursuers are here, and they're after Ma'am Cassidy," Ray explained in a hurry, panic evident in his voice.

"Damn it! Just what is it do they want from her?"

"For now, President, we should meet up with someone. Back-ups are coming. The police are on their way too."

After briefly observing their surroundings, he has concluded that the bullets earlier are only stray ones. No one is really shooting at them. With that, the two of them decided to take flight and retreat to a lounge nearby.

The place is empty and dark when they arrive. Yet as they walk further inside, they hear footsteps coming their way. It's already too late the instant they swerve around to see who it is.

Adrian already finds a shotgun being aimed directly at him.

"Well, hello there~" the gunman greeted with a conceited smirk.

Despite his shock, Adrian remains calm in the face of peril. He only furrows his brows together and looks back at him with a feral expression, not the least bit intimidated. With that, he takes a moment to scan his features, unable to deny that he is quite physically fit for this kind of venture.

That's until Ray stands between them out of nowhere, catching him off guard.

"Quit that, Asher! This is the President!" Ray bolted out at the gunner.

"Sir Ray, what's happening?" Adrian asked in confusion.

"Something very big - that is what's happening..." Asher cut in as he scooted cl

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