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Edward felt like he came to the right place at the wrong time.

He went back to join the adults at the bar a while after parting ways with Cassidy and Adrian. Miraculously, his sons went to bed earlier than he expected. There are a few bodyguards on duty in front of their hotel room, so he has some time to spare with the others.

Yet as soon as Edward arrives, he finds himself wondering what exactly he is trying to join in.

The dance floor appears to be on fire at that very moment.

Loud cheers and applause echo all around along with a burst of colors that light up the entire place in the form of beams. The bar is practically bouncing up and down right now, swaying with the beat of the music. Perhaps, the most conspicuous detail here is that the song that is currently playing has set a hot and steamy mood among the bustling crowd.

Edward is at a loss for a moment. That is until he finally spots the people he is looking for.

"Adrian! Cassidy!" he called out to them as soon as he saw them sitting at the bar counter.

"Oh, Edward! I thought you're not gonna come anymore?" his sister-in-law replied, pleasantly surprised to see him.

"The boys slept early, and I had nothing to do. Guards on standby, though. They'll be fine."

"Well then, sit down, sit down~ You're gonna miss the show!"

"Huh? What show?"

While Cassidy only keeps beaming, Adrian just heaves a sigh and points his finger at the stage.

That's when Edward looks at what they're pertaining to - but only to end up nearly stumbling backward in nonplus. It's a scene that will certainly stun anyone. Now, he knows what is up with the sultry atmosphere.

It turns out that Irish is doing a sexy dance on top of the stage - with a chair as her prop.

Dressed in a black velvet number, net stockings, and high heels, she presents herself in a way that gets every man fantasizing. While her apparel already nearly leaves little to the imagination, her movements are sensuous and tantalizing. The language of her body is so passionately expressive that it's somewhat hypnotic.

Most of the people who are shouting from the crowd are men, which is already expected. There are also some women who can't help but enjoy her performance.

Of course, everyone there would recognize Irish. She is that dazzling beauty who has taken the entertainment world by storm. Everywhere she stands on is a stage. That's why it's not that much of a surprise that she's more than capable of giving them quite a spicy, inflaming show tonight.

"Oh, Irish is doing it again, huh... She really never changes. Then again, I already expected this as soon as I learned that there's a bar here," Edward mused out loud before sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Again...? So, this is already a common sight? And you guys let her?" Cassidy asked in surprise.

"She loves entertaining people. This kind of thing has always been a part of her work, anyway. Try watching the mo

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