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Adrian tried his hardest to keep himself from fuming and baring his fangs in front of Grisham.

This is the second time they are meeting each other since his return. Now that he has his memories back, he can't help but fail to recognize him as someone related to him. He firmly refuses to accept this man as his grandfather - he is nothing but a cold-blooded demon in his eyes at this point.

Still, Adrian forces to keep it all in. He needs to pretend for a while longer - two can play in this game. Charles seems to be faring better than him as he only greets Grisham with enviable calmness before excusing himself and heading to his office.

"Good morning, Grandfather. I'm deeply sorry for not meeting you any sooner than this..." Adrian started and approached him, feigning amicability all the while.

"I should have taken better care of myself. That way, I would not fall sick. I could have caught up with you as well."

"I don't mind at all. Getting hit by a car is no light matter..." Grisham brought up with the faintest hint of an underlying tone.

"In fact, you should have rested after coming back here instead of going straight to work. No need to rush things if you are only going to fall sick."

"Indeed. I just thought that I should work harder now that you have returned. I didn't really want to disappoint you by staying absent from work for too long."

"You can never disappoint me, my dear grandson."

As he chuckled that out, he only smiled and acted a little flattered by the compliment.

From that point on, the two of them talked and caught up with each other. He invited his grandfather to have some coffee with him before he went to work, which he still accepted despite acknowledging that he would be busy today. It seemed like he had been secretly raring to talk with him for some time now, and it was obvious why.

Their respective pretenses are quite on point - both are unyielding and natural at acting.

Adrian already prepared a scripted conversation in case Grisham showed up like this. He knew what he was going to say, and he was careful with what he should not be giving away. Even his body language - he made sure that nothing was out of place. One little slip, and he might catch on and suspect that something is up.

"By the way, how's your wife? She went missing again, right?"

Adrian almost flinched at that - a slip.

He nearly slipped.

Going by how Grisham regarded him when he questioned that, he knew that their previous topics were only his way of beating around the bush. There was no doubt that this subject was the one he had been wanting to bring up. Not wanting to slip up for real, he pulled himself together and answered with the same indifferent approach that he would always use in the past.

"Oh, Eleanor? She changed a lot ever since she lost her memories..." Adrian said apathetically.

"That woman keeps humiliating me by doing everything she wants. She said she no longer loved

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