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Adrian stares at Cassidy for what seems like an eternity - by seeing her alone, he feels like falling all over again.

His once empty expression turns into a loving and fond one. He brightens up, looking like he has been finally imbued with life. His gaze softens like how he knows it has used to before, and his pounding heartbeat picks up pace as if matching the sound of the ocean waves.

Then, before he knows it, he is already running towards her.


Much to her surprise, he unceremoniously wraps his arms around her as soon as he reaches her. He seems so exhilarated that he practically envelops her entirety and lifts her a little off the ground, which takes her aback even more. Her eyes bulge wide in surprise at how the gesture comes out to be filled with many emotions that she can't quite describe well -

Bliss, contentment, relief and desperation.

Among them, the last one is probably the strongest.

Cassidy can feel Adrian trembling for a bit as he proceeds to hold her tightly. This is not how he usually hugs her - this one is different. Going by his small quivers, tight grip, and overall response to her return, she can already tell that her absence has affected him much more than she can ever imagine.

"Thank goodness... You're alright..." Adrian whispered in her ears as he leaned in deeper and nuzzled his nose into her hair, raring to feel her more in hope to reassure himself that this was not a dream.

"Are you really fine, though? Are you hurt anywhere? Where had you been? Did someone-"

"I'm fine. Everything's fine," Cassidy cut him off and looked away, piercing his heart a little with how distant she seemed to be acting out of nowhere - but even then, he only continued smiling at her, not wanting to ruin this moment.

"I see... You can tell me more later. Thank you for coming back."

Right then, she finds herself steeling her resolve to depart soon.

For some reason, the way he is acting now is giving her the impression that leaving will not be as easy as returning. It shows with how he looks so relieved and happy that he appears to have been knocked out of breath. His touch is firm yet gentle - trembling as if cold yet soothingly warm at the same time. It is as confusing as that, she thinks. Whatever this is confuses her.

"Cassidy..." Adrian continued before pulling away to look at Cassidy once more and cupping both of her cheeks.

"Welcome back home."

With a dazzlingly bright smile, he beams down at his wife. All she can do is stay silent and stare back at him, unsure of what to feel anymore.

That is when he inches his face nearer to her out of nowhere, catching her off guard. Without saying anything, he then pulls her closer to him and dives down to capture her lips. A small surprised gasp escapes her mouth at the very second they make contact, but even then, he only proceeds to kiss her with so much softness and passion.

'W-Why... W-Why is he...?' was all she

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