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After finishing all the scheduled work that Cassidy had left in the city, she took a trip together with Asher and headed to the countryside in order to meet Josephine.

Until now, she is secretly connected with Cecile who continues working back in the mansion. She plans to keep her for a while longer. That way, she can have someone who will oversee the progress of all the efforts she has invested in her short-term jobs and take care of any concern or issue that she might have overlooked. Besides, she didn't fulfill her part of the deal yet.

For now, Cassidy needs a break away from everything - but only to confront another huge matter.

"Aira is still at school. She will be back in the afternoon. I'm sure she'll be pleasantly surprised to see the both of you again."

Cassidy and Asher are now having tea together with Josephine in her humble home.

They are exchanging greetings in her living room at the moment. It is a small yet cozy house with a warm and mellow atmosphere - much like the homeowner herself. She appears to be around her eighty's but still capable of walking around for a bit even with her rapidly declining health. Even though this is their first time meeting, they already feel like it will be easy to get along with her.

Not to mention, she really resembles the deceased caretaker of the orphanage - in terms of her wavy, ebony black hair, that pair of hazel brown irises, and the overall shape of her frame.

"It's nice meeting you at last, Cassidy. I see that you've grown into such a beautiful woman. My niece raised you well," Josephine started with a delighted smile.

"Thank you, Mrs. Josephine. It's a pleasure to meet you too..." Cassidy replied and grinned for a second before casting down her gaze.

"I owe your niece a lot of things, and I am still devastated about her death."

"It hasn't been a long time yet, so I understand that you still feel that way. But I take that you are ready to move forward despite everything that happened. You're here to know about what your foster parent failed to tell you, am I right?"

"Yes. I want to know more about my family and Granny Maruschca."

"Oh, you actually call her Granny, huh? How cute! Must be a dream come true for her~"

At that, both Cassidy and Asher raised their brows in surprise. For some reason, Josephine is practically implying that Maruschca has always wanted her in particular to see and treat her as her grandmother.

"I'll go straight to the point, dear..." Josephine trailed off and smiled even wider.

"Maruschca and your grandfather, Frederick Eleanor - they used to be a couple during our college days."

"They what?!" Cassidy blurted out, tremendously flabbergasted.

"A couple, huh? I see where this is going," Asher muttered to himself, smirking knowingly.

"Indeed, they were. At that time, Maruschca and I were graduating students while Frederick was our professor. They actually agreed to marry after our graduation, but th

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