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In a dark and narrow alleyway, Ray and two more of his members in the investigation team are currently on the run.

They did not expect that things would turn out this way. Everything was unprecedented.

"There seems to be more of them! We have to retreat at once!"

"We'll be cornered at this rate...! Damn it!"

"Just how the heck did they find us so soon?!"

It's way past midnight when an aggressive exchange of bullets erupted in the middle of their probe - which soon led to this mad chase.

Ray and his group were treading the path to their last destination that evening. They were supposed to retire earlier that day, but a certain discovery prompted them to scout around for a while longer - one that had them racing against time.

It just happened that one of the suspects behind the assassination who were affiliated with the driver had managed to survive.

Using the findings they gathered from their interrogation with Gertrude earlier that morning, they learned about the car rental agency from which the vehicle was chartered. She told them that the driver was an employee who had been working for the Millicent for a few years, but the car that she had Cassidy use that day was not theirs.

Ray and the others first thought that Gertrude was involved in one way or another, but they later concluded that she was innocent on this matter - considering that there was a number of evidences that said she had no idea about the assassination, much less had a role in it.

Per Adrian's request, they made sure that she would not find out that it was her son who hired them to investigate. They reasoned out that they were only conducting an investigation on the mysterious death of a man near at a service road who turned out to be their family driver.

'Gosh, the hatred of a mother-in-law... Their family owns tons of luxurious cars. What's the need of a renting one for her daughter-in-law, and a very cheap one at that? Did the President know about this? Well, he had to. He needed to address this matter with her - otherwise, I would be urged to investigate that woman for a different purpose,' was what Ray thought about after their grueling interrogation with Gertrude.

Once they finished collecting all the details about the car rental agency that she told them about, they proceeded to pay a visit there and meet the people who helped arrange the charter. That was when they discovered about this certain employee who quit his job at the very same day the driver and his affiliates were murdered -

And that person raised their suspicions due to the facts that he only had that job days ago and he shared a connection with those who were found dead.

He was the lead that caused them not to retire earlier that day. He was that discovery that prompted them to scout around for a while longer - one that soon had them racing against time.

Ray and a few members of his team went out to search for that person in a parti

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