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Seven is on standby near the mansion's gates along with his fellow bodyguards.

It's nearly late in the afternoon. The sun is going to set in just a couple of hours, but both the house's master and mistress are still nowhere in sight. By now, at least, the place is a lot less hectic than earlier.

Gertrude's sudden appearance in the residence had flipped everyone over in nonplus.

Usually, someone from the maids or other houseworkers would at least inform the guards of any family member's oncoming arrival, but nothing like that happened this time. It's even almost as if it's been kept as a secret on purpose.

It's not just Gertrude's surprising appearance, though. What took the whole cake was the frenzied search for their missing mistress. With how frantic everybody was, they looked like they're trying to hunt down a wild beast who had escaped from its cage, especially the head maid.

Maids and menservants alike - they all went out to look for Cassidy. Yet in the end, they failed to find even a single trace.

While having this train of thoughts, Seven hears his phone ringing in his pocket. He then takes it out and answers the call, already aware of who it's going to be.

"Good afternoon again, Ma'am Cassidy," he greeted with a formal tone.

"Hey there, Seven! How's it going?" his mistress answered from the other side of the line.

"Coast is clear, Ma'am. The Madam had left half an hour ago. The security guards also did as you told them earlier. Nobody figured out that you went out of the mansion, though I think that they're about to do it now regardless of what the guards said."

"I see, I see... I'm on my way. Thanks for being on lookout. I know I can depend on you guys."

"No problem, Ma'am."

Still on her motorcycle, Cassidy puts back her phone in the inner pocket of her jacket and starts driving again.

She is now on her way home from the mall. By the time she called, she's only a few blocks away from the mansion.

"Good thing I've got Seven and the others. I was kinda hesitant to drag them into this, but I really needed someone to tell me if Maleficent's still there or not. Luckily, I exchanged phone numbers and emails with them before we went home earlier... And now we're buddies~!"

Indeed, it's a good thing that she has people to rely on somehow.

She's not sure why Seven and her other bodyguards would accept and follow her so easily like that. Gertrude clearly has more power than her in this household, after all. But then again, it could be that they're just really that nice and had keen eyes in choosing the right people they'd be siding with.

"We're mainly working for Ma'am Cassidy, not the Madam," was what her bodyguards told her earlier when she asked for their help and disclosed the fact that they'd be going against her mother-in-law's orders if they accepted.

"Those bodyguards... Yeah, gotta keep 'em," Cassidy firmly thought with a comically dead serious exp

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