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While smirking knowingly, Cassidy thought of an idea on how to mess with Adrian for a bit.

Since he just said that he's here to take a break, she might as well make him see how taking a break was really supposed to be. He probably thinks that feeding them will be enough to get it done. Knowing him, he must have not even thought to have fun like them.

"So then, what are you going to do after you call people to set up our picnic?" Cassidy asked with a sly look on her face.

"Watch you from here and make sure you don't drown or get eaten by a shark?" Adrian answered while crossing his arms.

"Hmph... I thought so."


Not letting her husband question her anything any longer, she proceeds to walk closer to him and take both of his hands. She then beams at him, taking him aback. Their nephews only watch in puzzlement as she starts walking backward and pulling him all the way off the shore.

Since she's staring at him with such a soft smile on, he can't help but zero in on her and looks back straight in her eyes. Thinking that it's unusual of her to initiate physical contact like this, he just lets her drag him away. At this point, he's more than willing to let her take him anywhere she wants to.

He then ends up focusing on her and nothing else -

Not even the ocean water that's pooling around their feet and slowly reaching their ankles.

"You know what I want, bossman?" Cassidy asked with a honeyed tone, sending sweet chills down his spines.

"What?" Adrian blurted out with a dazed expression, too captivated by her beauty to suspect anything.


That's when the unprecedented happened.

Gathering her strength, Cassidy went ahead and grabbed Adrian by his arm before turning around with the speed of lightning. She then unceremoniously lifted him up and flipped him over her shoulder, causing his back to land flat on the water and earning a loud yelp from him.

He and his nephews are shell-shocked beyond belief.

None of them uttered a word, and only her triumphant fit of laughter filled the air at that moment.

Damien and his brothers are frozen on their spots. They certainly didn't expect this scene. Much like how their relationship somehow reversed, their uncle was also literally put in a reversed position by their aunt - a sight they never even dared to imagine.

"There you go~! Now that you're all wet, you have no choice but to join us for a swim...!" Cassidy proudly declared, feeling like she just did something bad yet extraordinarily genius.

"Let's have you experience some good fun for once-"

"As I thought, I should really get used to how you always trick and trip me over just to get your hands on what you want..." Adrian suddenly cut her off while looking ominous and sounding gravelly serious, much to her nonplus.

"I see now... If you want it that badly, I'll play with you."

"U-Uhhh... B-Bossman...?"

Only then did Cassidy realize that

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