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Cassidy hasn't felt this way for what seems like a very long time.

Unbeknownst to Damien and his brothers, she's secretly beholding them like they're the most adorable creatures in the world. For the entire time, she just keeps smiling at them in an effort to pull out her friendly approach - one that she usually uses on children their age.

In reality, though, she is only playing it cool so as to not appear like a creep.

The thing is, Cassidy had grown very, very fond of little children after spending a good portion of her life in taking care of orphans.

Since she herself was one, she helped her guardians in looking after the orphanage where she was raised in. Only a small few knew about this significant detail about her past, though. She's been keeping it as a secret from most people.

"And I believe that you're Damien... Is that right?" Cassidy asked the oldest, much to his surprise.

"Yes, Aunt Cassidy. Good evening..." Damien answered a bit meekly, looking hesitant to talk casually like how she seemed to want him to.

"We heard that you were involved in an accident and lost your memories. My brothers and I are glad to see that you're now all up and well. We'd been worried."

"You and your brothers...?"

For a moment, their aunt only blinks at him in puzzlement. His eyes widened a little at the impression that she just noticed something about his speech that made her react quizzical. She then appears to be ponderous all of the sudden while she only continues exchanging looks with him.

That's until she spreads yet another one of her bright grins, taking them aback once more.

"My, what a reliable big bro you are~ You're acting like their spokesperson..." Cassidy giggled lightheartedly before paying attention to the other two this time.

"Thanks for being worried, guys. It's all good now. I'm quite tough, you know!"

At this point, the three seem to be really in for quite an exchange with their once unapproachable aunt.

As she continues beaming at them reassuringly, they have come to see the plane crash as something that is not actually as scary as they think at first. Since that tragedy was all over the news back then, they were genuinely frightened by it.

"No, it's not that it's not scary anymore..." Damien thought silently, a realization dawning on him.

"It's just probably because Aunt Cassidy is indeed that tough like what she said."

"By the way, Damien, I've got something for you..." Cassidy chimed in again before handing over her present to him.

"Happy thirteenth birthday!"

Taken aback by such a blithesome greeting, he stays silent still for a second before eventually taking the gift.

What's inside is a little big and heavy, but more surprisingly, the shape seems very familiar to him. With eyes as wide as saucers, he then begins to grope every part of it, feeling it more now that he has touched it.

"M-May... May I open it?" Damien asked with a

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