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Cassidy stares at the screen of her phone, reading Bryan's reply over and over again.

It seems like he is able to handle the situation somehow. As for how exactly, he left out on purpose. He probably did not want her hearing more of Adrian and the state he was in.

"It's a relief that Bryan is there..." Cassidy sighed to herself and put her phone back in her purse.

"I don't know what I'll do if Asher and the others find him in front of their bar."

Apparently, her husband and childhood friend are still holding on with their disputes even after their common enemy has already been apprehended. The same goes for their respective groups as well. It's something that she can no longer control since they've got their own ways of settling their matters.

Though her family respects her decision to leave everything behind and start anew, their grudge and resentment toward the Millicent's will probably persist forever.

'That huge dumbass... I know that he knows how bad it will be if they happen to meet each other back there. Still, he went to see me - all on his own, no doubt. I thought for sure that he was finally starting to move on from me...' Cassidy pondered heavily, staying still and quiet throughout the ride.

'A little longer and I could've moved on from you too, Adrian.'

It's not really easy, though.

Three months of separation are still nothing compared to five years of devoting her whole heart to him. She knows for herself that she has genuinely loved him, and she even thinks that she still does even after everything that has happened. But this time around, she has chosen another kind of happiness - one that can't be given to her by a man or anyone else for that matter.

Cassidy will be the one to make herself happy this time.

"I ain't gonna go home without you! I wanna be with you, Cassidy...!"

"You are such a sweet little cinnamon roll, my love..."

"So, you do care about me? That makes me happy to know..."

"You know what, Cassidy? I want to be with you forever and ever and ever..."

And yet, here she was recalling all those things that Adrian told her a moment ago.

As much as she wants to remain indifferent about it, she can't help but be affected. She can't keep herself from heating up as she thinks more about those words. And the harder she tries to snap out of it, the stronger its effect becomes.

Then again, he's supposed to be a man of unparalleled prestige and affluence who singlehandedly made an entire conglomerate fall before raising it back up again - he's an incredible, otherworldly figure. To see him acting like a little kid and uttering all those sweet-nothings to someone like her is kind of bizarre. She has no particular skill or outstanding talent or whatsoever. He should've given up on her already.

'Ughhh... And why am I getting some kind of inferiority complex all of the sudden...?' Cassidy brooded in silence before slapping both of her cheeks with her ha

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