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citricoslarubia > Eighteen Again: The CEO's Wife Was A Delinquent > Volume N/A - CH 11
Childish and imm.a.t.u.r.e.

Adrian thinks he finally has one lasting impression on Cassidy - or at least, her eighteen-year-old self. By this point, saying that she had completely become the exact opposite of her a.d.u.l.t self would not be enough anymore.

"This goes beyond simply making a one hundred eighty degree turn..." he muttered with a sigh, annoyance written over his face.

"I feel like hiring a babysitter instead of a doctor this time-"

"Hey, what's up with this mattress?! It's so big and bouncy!"

At his wife's sudden exclamation, Adrian snapped out of his mulling-over and rushed back to their bedroom. He was inside their bathroom this entire time, trying to take his mind off of everyone's incredulous reactions earlier while he changed his clothes at the same time.

Thinking that Cassidy is up to something strange again, he hurried to where she is without realizing that he's still shirtless. He then feels his eyebrow twitch in miff the moment he finds her doing something childish once more.

At this very moment, his wife is jumping on her bed like an ecstatic toddler, looking as if it's her first time seeing something of its kind.

"Whee...! I feel like flying~!" Cassidy chirped blithely in delight.

"And I feel like dragging you back down to reality and telling you that you're supposed to be eighteen - not five," Adrian deadpanned with his arms crossed, not the very least amused.

"Well, you know what they say~ If you wanna live long, you gotta be young at heart."

"You took it to a whole new level, though."

"Oh, come on, you're being too serious...~"

That's when she finally turned to face him and came to a halt. While he only eyes her sternly, she just flashes an ebullient grin, looking all sunshine and rainbows.

This is probably the most evident change Adrian found in Cassidy. His wife never made that kind of expression so easily and genuinely. Though she may look as childish as ever, she appears very bright in his eyes for some reason - seemingly far from her dull and bland character.

"I bet you never tried this before. You should enjoy the smallest things, you know! Otherwise, even the big things may not be able to satisfy you," she quipped as she jumped out of the bed and approached him.

"Huh? Wait, what are you-"

"Come on~ This will be fun, I promise!" she cut him off, snatching both of his hands and forcefully dragging him to the bed.

Now, this is quite a dumbfounding position to be in.

Adrian never imagined being invited to bed by his wife like this - for a reason that's completely different from what most people think, that is. Instead of some a.d.u.l.t and steamy stuff, he can't believe that they're going to do something as childish as jumping on the bed.

"Nope. No way I'm gonna do this," he then muttered firmly, not having any of it.

Refusing to entertain Cassidy's ridiculous request, he abruptly pulled his arms away from her b

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