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citricoslarubia > Eighteen Again: The CEO's Wife Was A Delinquent > Volume N/A - CH 202
Sometimes, handling a business can be a thorn in the side.

After Cassidy decided to return to her office and finish her work, more of them started coming out of nowhere. They all happened to be urgent, considering that she took some days off recently and failed to handle these errands as early as possible. Because of that, she finds herself stuck there until now.

She's dealing with several legal documents at the moment. Signing papers doesn't often come out to be time-consuming, but she isn't really doing it without a care in the world. Ranging from accounting records to inventories, she needs to read each one of them thoroughly.

"Why now of all times, though...?" Cassidy sighed out loud and leaned back on her chair.

"I really don't want to be this busy once I already have a child."

Then, she blinked.

Reacting surprised and incredulous to what she just came up with, she sat upright and shook her head. She can't believe that she's thinking that far ahead - she only got back together with Adrian last night.

Nonetheless, Cassidy knows in herself that she's serious.

"As much as I love managing this restaurant, I'll have to take a long break from it some time soon."

With those as her last thoughts, she carried on with her work. She tried to do it in a hurry this time since she already left her husband out there for too long. But little did she know that she really didn't have to be in such a haste.

Too busy arranging papers and walking up from one cabinet to another, Cassidy fails to hear the door opening.

Ever so silently, Adrian walks up to her from behind. Since his wife was too focused on making the finishing touches, she still didn't notice him. That's until she feels a pair of arms wrap themselves around her waist, catching her off guard.

Cassidy then hastily turned her head around - only to find Adrian embracing her from the back, much to her pleasant surprise. She blushes at the gesture, which earns a small laugh from him.

"Adrian, I didn't notice you entering" she chimed in and smiled at him, acting somewhat bashful.

"How hardworking of you, Cassidy. Bryan wasn't wrong about you getting too caught up in your work that you kept losing track of time," he said with a smirk while he propped his chin over her shoulder.

"Oh, he said that?"

"Yeah, he did. That's why I came."

"I'm sorry for making you wait. I'll go now, okay?"

"What for? I'm already here."

That's when Adrian tightens his grip around Cassidy, nuzzling his nose in her neck all the while. She slightly shivered at the feeling of his breath hitting her skin there, but he was too mesmerized to notice as he only continued to take in her alluringly sweet scent.

"By the way, what's with the visit? You didn't tell me anything last night," Cassidy asked, resting both of her hands on his arms and rubbing them gently.

"Didn't I tell you that I want to court you? Since I really didn't get to do that back then, I

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