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citricoslarubia > The Manhattanites: Unscrupulous > Part 21
"Not really." Attempting to roll over to face the window, she hoped to go back to sleep. Taddy didn't want to tell him that she was scared.

He pulled her body into him and brought her face to his. "You sure do act as if you have a p.e.n.i.s." The hypnotic smell of his s.e.x struck all of her senses.

"Ha ha, funny." She'd get a strap-on if he got into role play, but something told her he wouldn't. Be strong, Taddy. You can do this. You can tell him you don't wanna get hurt. You can't get close to him.

Warner kissed her on the forehead. "We have about two hours before your press arrives. Let's order some breakfast and-talk." He stroked her chin, letting her know it was okay to open up.

"Blah! Talking is overrated," she said and pulled the sheets back, giving Warner's nakedness a once-over. Still muscular. Still gorgeous. Yum. She lowered her face down to his crotch.

"No way, Brill."

But his stiff d.i.c.k said, "Go for it, Red."

Stroking his shaft, she admired his c.o.c.k as it rose to the sunrise. Her fingers spread wide as she gripped his girth and ignored his words. She licked his p.e.n.i.s's fine slit while eyeing his sweet face.

With a sharp inhale and a bite to his lower lip, he fought the urge to f.u.c.k her. She could tell. His mind wanted to talk. His body wanted to screw. He issued her a pouty, frustrated face. "Do you always slap men across the face?"

"Not always." Taddy winked at him jokingly, but he was serious. She wasn't up for a heart-to-heart. Taddy laced her tongue over his mushroom head and jacked him.

He throbbed in her hands. Warner stretched his arms out. His developed biceps popped. "You're going to talk to me before we're through here. I wanna know why you think it's okay to hit me. I mean it."

"I mean it." She mocked him, shaking her head to say, no way, no how. Now his c.o.c.k was in her mouth. The thickness stretched her lips. This is all I need. Her mouth circled his beautiful d.i.c.k. She raked her nails up and down his veiny shaft.

"Red, you want forgiveness?"

"Yes please."

He jolted, stiffening his legs and holding her hair back from her face. "You're beautiful." Warner ma.s.saged her back.

Taddy took him entirely. His p.u.b.es brushed against her nose. Her tongue edged to his s.c.r.o.t.u.m. She sucked harder, tasting him. Salty.

"So good." Looking behind her, she pumped him in her hand. His pre-c.u.m spun like silk.

"f.u.c.k, Red." He swung her legs over his chest, putting her body on top of him and into a sixty-nine position. "I'm hungry for you too, baby." His hands spread her tush apart. Warner's tongue came at her notch as retribution for the behavior she'd given him last night. His lips and morning scruff danced around her sensitive skin, sending a chill over her entire body.

"Eat me out, Warner. Rock my world with your tongue." She squeezed her nipples, forgetting their sensitivity. s.h.i.+t.

"Red, I wanna punish you, but I can't." He

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