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citricoslarubia > The Manhattanites: Unscrupulous > Part 16
"Lanky men are...sweet and treat their girlfriends like ladies." Taddy smiled. They're hung like horses. "When you came out from jail and Dejon took you into his arms, I was moved." She lowered her sungla.s.ses over her eyes. "Such lovebirds you two make."

"These feelings are new for me." Kiki's neck blotched in response.

"Enjoy what you have with Dejon. Love is hard to find." She thought back to the guy she'd dated last. It'd been a few years since then.

"What about you?" Kiki lifted her seat belt, pressing her back against the car door.

"Me?" Taddy adjusted the air-conditioning vent to blow on her face. The rental car's newness was making her nose itchy.

"When we left the police station, Mr. Truman didn't take his eyes off you."

"Yes, he's got hawk eyes." They are also golden and change colors from green to brown and make me go into Candy Land. Her palms became slippery, causing her to grip the steering wheel tighter. She sat taller in her seat, clenched her thighs together and pushed down on the gas with her right foot. "Warner is...handsome."

"Handsome?" Kiki repeated. "Next to Dejon, he's the hottest man I've ever seen. When Mr. Truman stepped outside, the women on the sidewalk fell over each other. Even men stare at him." She giggled.

"You're exaggerating. Warner's tall, he's easy to spot." The airport's signs came into view. Kiki's first flight would take her to Paris. It boarded from Terminal Deux.

"I've never seen muscles as large as Mr. Truman's. Those arms, my goodness. I'd love to see you happy and with someone...similar to him." Kiki studied Taddy's face, waiting for a response or for her to reveal some tidbit she'd missed.

Taddy s.h.i.+fted the car down a gear and pulled into the traffic lined up at the airport's entrance. "Thank you for worrying. I'm fine. Mr. Lee pedicured me before I came to France." She winked. "I have my friends, my staff, my money-I'm good." Lies, but if she kept saying this rubbish out loud, maybe she'd believe it.

"Do you remember when I started at the agency?"

"Vaguely," Taddy joked.

"You mentioned your fondness for red? You said you're as intense as the color." Kiki rolled up her window. "You said red helps people to make snap decisions, and embodies strength and power."

"I remember." She'd lived by red.

"As we've worked together this year, I can say those descriptions suit you." She gave Taddy an admiring stare, one Taddy never witnessed from any employee.

"Your words mean a lot to me, thank you."

"Do you know what else comes to mind when I think about you and the color red?" Kiki's eyes filled with tears.

She pulled the rental up at the drop-off spot, pressed on the brake and threw the transmission into park. "No, what?"

"Your pa.s.sion for life, the confidence you have within you to move forward and the love you give to others and deserve, but never expect in return." Kiki grabbed the doork.n.o.b.

I love you, Kiki, thank y

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