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citricoslarubia > The Manhattanites: Unscrupulous > Part 18
"Let me find the fun, s.e.xy girl who danced in my hands while in St. Barth's. May I?"

She came back to reality for a second, sitting there staring at the s.e.xiest man she'd ever set eyes on. His interest in her was evident. It flipped her out. "Yes, you may." The second she agreed, Taddy could tell from the expression on Warner's face that he wasn't talking just about s.e.x.

Chapter Fourteen.

Oh His Anaconda, Seriously Taddy had suggested they skip dessert. Warner seized her hand, leading them into a rear elevator. She leaned in, hugging him. "I'm looking forward to seeing your imperial suite."

"And I'm looking forward to showing it to you." Warner inserted a key, pushed a b.u.t.ton on the control panel, and they rose. He kissed her.

She took in his strength, rubbing her body against his. So muscular. Curious to see his jewels, she reached down and unzipped his pants.

"Not yet, young lady." Warner grabbed her hands and brought them back to his chest, kissing her fingers. "You're more aggressive than I realized."

"I'm a Manhattanite. What'd you expect?" Taddy asked, kissing him again as the elevator doors opened to his private living area. She estimated the suite to be about four thousand square feet. Empire-style decor adorned the rooms with various French silks and imported damasks. The expansive living room featured a majestic marble fireplace. Off the foyer were a few sizeable bedrooms, one with a sleigh bed in the middle. "It's beautiful, Warner."

"Over there is the Promenade de la Croisette." He pointed west out the window. The Mediterranean view hypnotized them for a brief second. The yachts b.u.mped against the pier, casting a soft glow on the water. "You ready to have the night of your life?" Warner cupped her cheeks in his hands and leaned into her body.

A familiar sensation, being candied sugar in his strong arms, came back to her. He could do whatever he wanted. Lost in those golden eyes, she confirmed, "Yes!" Taddy wrapped her right leg around his left. His c.o.c.k grew under his slacks. G.o.d, you're huge.

"I'm happy we found one another again." He pressed his body against hers in a romantic way. Tongues meeting, he took owners.h.i.+p of her mouth while he unzipped her dress and allowed the fabric to drop to her feet. "You are striking."

"Stop talking." She egged him on for fewer words and more action, wanting to see how far she could push him. Taddy was curious whether a p.o.r.n star hid under his CEO billionaire, third richest man in the world, Warner Truman gentleman's wrapper.

"You wanna play." In jest, he squeezed Red's lips together with his thumb and pointer finger. Then Warner kissed her. "I bet after I give you what you need, you'll be calling me for seconds." He stepped away and removed his sports coat, throwing it against the chair by the bed.

She laughed. "I don't call men. Remember?" She stepped out of her Gucci heels, kicking them to the corner. She unb.u.t.toned h

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