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"Nothing would make us more proud." Taddy didn't want to cheer a Mardi Gras-style hooray for Vive's claim to give up booze. She made this testament each holiday, birthday and anytime the moon glowed full. Nevertheless, it was a vow they prayed she'd keep and soon.

She heard her friends make their goals. Taddy didn't know what she wanted the New Year to bring her. Brill, Inc., as always, pressed full media steam ahead. Her goals had been inked and dried while stuck in Vancouver. What about love? That hadn't been on her list. But tonight planted a seed, an urge filled with l.u.s.t and longing. One she hadn't felt in-forever. A sensation that neither Dr. Fa.s.senbender cosmetic enhancements, Gilad Pilates workouts nor Brayden Brooks football dreams could measure up to. How was it that Rielle warranted such a Big Daddy? His juicy full lips upon hers each morning and night. Those color-changing eyes and the way he ran his hands over her body.

"What do you wish for the New Year, Taddy?" Vive asked.

I'd love to have a Garner in my life every day, not just on this Caribbean holiday.

Rielle was a lucky b.i.t.c.h. But one should never wish for something they couldn't have when he belonged to someone else. It was unhealthy to dream otherwise, she told herself.

"I guess I want more of the same."

"Let's commit to no more men and lots more of everything else," Lex challenged. "No s.e.x. No male contact whatsoever." She spoke as though it would be easy for her.

"Five hours ago I would've replied h.e.l.ls no. But seeing Ollie's p.e.n.i.s I'm so in."

"Vive, you mean-no booze and no s.e.x." Taddy didn't want to hurt her friend's feelings but needed to be realistic. "You can't go to the Exhale Bliss Spa on Park Avenue and ask the male ma.s.sage therapist to relax your c.u.n.t muscles while you sip Bailey's on the rocks."

"f.u.c.k you, Brill," Vive snapped.

s.h.i.+t. Her words sounded harsh, more than she intended. "Sorry I didn't mean-"

"Let's do it." Vive didn't let Taddy finish her apology.

"Yeah!" Lex cheered. "

"What'll we do next year without c.o.c.k?" Taddy didn't see a no-man-year as a viable option. Although she hadn't had a boyfriend recently, she'd accepted some pleasure in the idea that the hunk du jour might come along, if not now, then soon. But making it a goal, to not have one, was absurd. Regardless, she'd still like to see Vive focus on her sobriety and Lex's line make more money. Then she could surely pay for Birdie's next episode of hypochondria.

"We'll focus on our businesses and manage our careers." Lex lifted her teacup to toast the idea.

"Sounds good to me, although I'm still going for my a.n.a.l bleaching appointments for good habit." Vive clanged her mug with Lex's. "If I o.r.g.a.s.m at the spa, it ain't my fault."

Taddy met her cup with theirs. "Deal."

Part Two.

No More Big Daddies.

"It's not my intention to be a diva. It just happens. I wake up like I'm flippin'

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