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The doctor was ready to give his diagnosis.

"Eddie, I'm coming. I'll be dead before the New Year," Birdie chanted over and over again as if it were lyrics from one of her songs. She stayed for seven days. Observed, tested and a.n.a.lyzed. Medical reports concluded the same as what Dr. Fa.s.senbender had speculated. Birdie did not have Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Rather acne rosacea, a mild case no less. Brought on by an at-home peel application she'd stolen from her local plastic surgeon's office on East 63rd Street. She'd made it all worse with a Creme de La Switzerland night cream application, which had expired ages ago, but she was too cheap to replace.

"When I finish with you-you'll wish you were dead," Taddy mumbled to herself in Birdie's direction. Concord Van General Hospital charged $175,253.84 to her American Express and somehow she managed not to even blink. She questioned herself as to why she even got involved to begin with. Dr. Fa.s.senbender was right. Why didn't she listen to him? When Taddy looked over at Lex, she remembered it was all for her. Not Birdie. Acne rosacea aside, this stunt didn't hide the fact that Birdie was still in pain from losing Eddie. This was a cry for help, an expensive one at that.

Tempted to tell Birdie off, she excused herself and went to the ladies' room. This one takes the cake of all b.u.t.tercream frosted cakes to take. Jesus. I don't ask for much in life. I don't get much in life. But you owe me. I'm not keeping a scorecard or anything, but you better write this puppy down. She splashed her face with cold water and then texted Kiki to confirm Birdie's seat on the plane ride home. Taddy didn't want to see her, let alone sit by her. Birdie sat in the last row, middle seat, near the lavatory in economy.

Booked in first cla.s.s, Lex scoured over Harper's Bazaar and ate sugar candy. Taddy required a good laugh and watched the movie My Man G.o.dfrey. She identified with the character Irene Bullock, an all-over-the-place socialite desperate for love who falls for her butler, a man who cared for her every need. However, did a man similar to William Powell's character really exist? Taddy felt clueless as to how any such devotion felt, but the desire for a man similar to Mr. G.o.dfrey Park was starting to increase.

December 30 JFK Airport, Queens New York An Air Canada flight attendant came over the aircraft intercom when they landed back home and announced, "Good morning, welcome to JFK International Airport. The local time is 8:10 a.m. The temperature in New York City is minus fifteen degrees. From your entire flight crew, have a happy holiday wherever your final destination may take you."

"Why is New Year's Eve always the coldest week of the year in this city?" She grabbed her Louis Vuitton roller bag off the carousel and noticed an advertis.e.m.e.nt above the signage. The slogan read "Leave Your Socks at Home. Dance Barefoot in the Caribbean This Season". It spoke to Taddy as if she

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