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citricoslarubia > The Mercenary: Skewed > Part 8
"Not yet?"

"Your father is going to learn you're still alive, if he hasn't already. The good thing about him is that it will take information longer to reach him because he's behind bars. I can contact your father and tell him you're dead and then kill whoever is behind the two dead guys for you. It would buy enough time for you to make your getaway, and if your father thinks you're dead, you could still make a reappearance for his trial and testify against him."

She nibbled on her mouth, her tongue flicking out over the plump flesh and her little white teeth pressing into her lower lip as she considered what I had said. I took the slightest sliver of hope in the fact she was thinking about it and hadn't just cut me off.

Eventually, she spoke. "I can't trust you."

I risked a smile, fixing her with my eyes. "I know. You don't trust anyone."


"But what are your alternatives? You run for the rest of your life, or you use me and deal with the threat."

"You could try to kill me the minute I cut you loose."

"I could. But you could also be shot the moment you walk from your front door."

"I don't care about my own life. All I wanted was to be able to testify against my father, and to keep my sister safe."

"If you set me free, you'll be able to do both."

She laced her hands into her thick, silky hair, and squeezed her fists tight. The action must have hurt, but she didn't relent, almost as though she was punis.h.i.+ng herself.

"I can't deal with this-with any of it! I just need Nickie to come home." She started pacing, back and forth across the small s.p.a.ce. "Where the f.u.c.k is she? She should be here by now."

"I'm sure she'll be here soon," I replied, staying calm. "And when she gets here, what are you going to tell her about me, and the two dead men over there?"

She released her hair and turned to face me. "The truth. At least then she'll take me seriously."

"Why isn't she taking you seriously?"

"Because she's a teenager and thinks she knows everything."

A high flush had appeared in her cheeks, and I imagined she'd look similar to this after s.e.x, though hopefully a little less tense. She must have seen the expression on my face.

"Is something amusing to you?" she snapped.

"Not at all. I was just thinking you look s.e.xy when you're angry."

Her eyes flashed with fury. "You seriously think that's an appropriate comment? I'm worried for the lives of me and my sister, and you're telling me I look s.e.xy? Do you think some pathetic compliment is going to make me release you? In fact, you saying that has made me want to leave you tied up forever."

Ah, so she had been considering letting me go. I took a tiny amount of satisfaction in that, even if my stupid mouth had gotten me in trouble. But for some reason I wanted her to know what I thought of her. We hadn't gotten off to the best start, admittedly, and maybe I was insane for even thinking it, but I thought

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