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Chapter 7.1 - Invitation for Zhui-ye

An hour later, the team was ready to go.

The mercenaries were all armed and loaded. Even the researchers He Zihong and Yang Ta, who now possessed basic knowledge of gun-handling, were armed with hand guns after a crash curse from Liu Qing. Each of them was armed with a handgun on their waist

Ten or so people stood in the courtyard waiting for Lin Shuo to come down.

Just a few minutes ago, Lin Shuo confirmed the full names of each team member with Anne before he returned to his own room.

Wei Xingshan stared at the door leading inside the hotel and looking more and more impatient.

Just when he was about to explode, Lin Shuo slowly walked out of the hotel door with the ebony box lugged across his shoulder.

“Give me a minute,” said Lin Shuo to the beautiful Anne then, with a swift motion, placed the humongous ebony box behind himself.

He rested his forehead against the box and closed his eyes for a minute.

Then he fished in his s.h.i.+rt pocket and pulled out a wrinkled pack of cigarettes and lit up all three remaining ones. With the cigarette b.u.t.t facing upward, he planted them in the soil in front of the ebony box.

Afterward, he took half a step back and said in a low voice, “I am asking Zhui-ye for help during this trip into the mountain. Your disciple Lin Shuo are offering you incense here.”

While saying that, Lin Shuo fished up a neatly folded letter from the pocket of his zhongshan suit and slowly unfolded it. The letter was written by hand.

Anne had sharp eyes and noticed that the letter contained all the names that she had just given to Lin Shuo.

“Zhui-ye, these are everyone going on this trip. Bless us with your power so we can have 19 in and 19 out, not one is missing. When it was all over, your disciple will repay your greatly.”

As he was muttering, he lit another match to light the letter on fire. He drew a few circles in front of his chest with the burning letter and finally let it go when it was almost fully consumed.

Yang Ta, the PhD in biology, had a slight look of contempt while watching Lin Shuo's actions and was about to make a comment.

He Zihong quickly tugged at the corner of his student's s.h.i.+rt before he closed his mouth in embarra.s.sment. He turned his head away slightly.

“This is all for show,” said Wei Xingshan lightly.

Lin Shuo saw and heard everything that had taken place but didn't bother being riled up by them. He merely took a step forward and placed the box down slowly.

“Pardon me, Zhui-ye!” Lin Shuo looked at the ebony box that was now being placed horizontally. He let out a light cry and with a smack of his hand, the cover of the box slid silently to one side, exposing the content inside.

“What is this?”

Everybody stretched their necks to look at the content inside the box, feeling surpr

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