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citricoslarubia > Hunter Of The Forbidden Region > Chapter 4.1
The fleet of SUVs drove on the rugged, mountainous paths on the border of southwest China for over seven hours.

At around 1 PM, they finally arrived at the suburb of a small city.

n.o.body stopped, they merely turned onto the highway and roared on.

Another three more hours on the road and one could finally see the high rises in Sang s.h.i.+ng through the car windows.

By now, the sun was about to rise.

Anne was the one who drove the SUV that Lin Shuo was riding in. Normally, a girl driving for 12 hours straight could be fairly dangerous.

But this girl chatted with the starling the entire trip and showed no signs of being tired.

It was Lin Shuo who found the woman and the bird being too noisy through the entire trip.

The SUV fleet finally arrived at their destination -- the five-star Four Season hotel in Chun Ning, Seng s.h.i.+ng. They stopped for food.

Chun Ning was known to be spring like year round. The city did a great job in turning itself into a green city.

Lin Shuo let the starling went to seek his own food in the forest nearby and placed the ebony box neatly into the guest room before heading to the buffet restaurant inside the Four Season with Anne, Wei Xingshan and the rest of the crew.

The 200-something square meter fine dining restaurant barely have anyone inside at this hour of the day. It seemed quite empty.

Their group of a dozen or so individuals, especially Wei Xingshan and his team of soldiers marched into the restaurant. The ten or so of them were in sync whether they were walking, looking for seats, or sitting down. The few patrons in the restaurant all turned their heads to look at them.

Lin Shou picked a table that was slightly secluded and Anne waived for Liu Qing and the two women sat down with Lin Shuo. Lin Shuo invited Wei Xingshan to join them as well, but he gave Lin Shuo a look and declined his invitation.

After they have gathered their food and in the middle of dining and eating, two more walked inside the buffet restaurant.

Both of them were bespectacled. The older one of them looked to be about 60 years or so year old, cladded in traditional Chinese silk garment (tangzhuang). His hair was all silver but he was still quick on his feet. One could feel the wind brought up when he walked.

Following behind him was a man in his thirties looking very refined in his white b.u.t.toned down s.h.i.+rt.

The two of them picked up a plate and picked their own food before they looked around and finally headed toward Lin Shou's table.

Anne and Liu Qing stood up when they saw the two men.

“Let me introduce them,” said Anne. “This is professor He Zihong, the top researcher of Global Lifeform Research Organization. And this one is his student, a young biologist from our country, Dr. Yang Ta.

“Professor He, Dr. Yang, this is Mr. Lin Shou, the team lead of our project.”

“I've have long heard about you, Mr. Lin!” Old man He Zihong pa.s.sionately stretche

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