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The beauty was visibly shocked by his action. She didn't have enough time to stop him verbally so she had no choice but to life her leg immediately and the tip of her heel hit his knee almost right away.

The st.u.r.dy man just felt that his entire leg went numb with a tingling sensation. He let out a soft hrmph and stumbled a few steps. Startled, he said, “Miss Anne, you…”

“Wei Xingshan,” interjected the beauty coldly, “Let me remind you this. You must be polite to this Mr. Lin. We are here to ask him a favor. It will be our honor if he will join us.”

“Miss Anne,” The st.u.r.dy man, Wie Xingshan, looked displeased, “We belong to the same employer, and I command the best mercenary team in the entire Asia. What couldn't we handle?”

The coldness on Miss Anne's face subsided a little. Calmly she said, “Captain Wei, if these are humans that we are fighting, of course I will have a lot of faith in you and your team. But different skill sets are required here. What are talking about are those things.”

The door opened with a creaking noise during their conversation.

And it was, indeed, Lin Shuo standing behind the door.

He dressed in appropriate outfit that belonging to a teacher in a village, a fountain pen in his breast pocket. No expression could be made out from his scrawny face.

Anne saw his face and felt as if a burden have been lifted off of her shoulder. At the same time, she could feel the coldness exuded from that face.

The man's look, even through his spectacles, was still sharp like daggers, sending chills down one's spine.

This was a look that could only belong to someone who had been through mountain of corpses and rivers of blood.

Remembering all the rumors around him, Anne turned a bit pale.

“Greetings, Mr. Lin. My name is Anne.” Anne did her best to suppress her fear and made herself looked at ease.

The air of rejection coming from Lin Shou was more than obvious. It was only when he saw the crowd standing outside did he his look turned a little more friendly.

“C'mon in.” said Lin Shuo nonchalantly then turned and walked back inside the house.

The two followed him inside the Adobe house and Anne turned around to close the door behind her.

Inside the minimalistic adobe house, there wasn't even a second chair. Lin Shuo sat down on his own chair by the desk, and Anne and Wie Xingshan have no choice but to stand.

Lin Shuo didn't pay any attention to them, the air was awkward.


Fluttering it's wings, the starling flew inside the house and landed on the desk. It c.o.c.ked it's head and looked at the two strangers.

Looking at the starling, st.u.r.dy guy Wie Xingshan nodded, “This starling looks to be of good spirit. The hair on his hair looks like a crown.”

“a.s.shole.” Said the starling.

Wie Xingshan smiled. Naturally he wouldn't be offended by a bird, it only made him want to tease it some more.

He took a few steps forward and bent over to loo

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