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Commercial fis.h.i.+ng is prohibited in the Heilongjiang region between June and July in the summer time.

There weren't a lot of boats in the river around noon time, so the three speed boats splitting the waves as they approached Dzhalinda drew a lot of attentions from the locals.

The speedboats parked at the commercial fis.h.i.+ng port of Dzhalinda and 20 or so muscular, armed men disembarked the boats.

The leader of them was a 1.8 meter tall muscular man. Asian, with a scar stretching from his left brow all the way to the corner of his mouth, making him looked savage and sinister. The humongous Qin crossbow looked like wings on his back.

The other muscular men behind him were of all different races, but they all looked vicious.

This town combined both commercial logging and commercial fis.h.i.+ng businesses so smuggling was quite rampant and residents were usually brute looking.

So when these men boarded the sh.o.r.e, the fishermen drying their news on the dock barely took a second look at them but just keep their heads down and carried on with their work. Partly because they were already used to it and partly because they didn't want to attract any trouble.

These brutes didn't stay on the dock for long before the entered the small town.

Before leaving the dock, the man with the scar turned at looked at the vast mountains in a distance. With an evil grin, he said, “Wei Xingshan, this is the cemetery that I have picked for you!”


“Ah choo!”

Wei Xingshan, at the deep Outer Khingan region, sneezed. Rubbing his nose, he turned to look at Lin Shuo, “A something big? Where?”

Just when he had finished his words, they heard a loud roar coming from the northwestern direction.

It was the low and rumbling kind of roar. Everybody immediately got gooseb.u.mps and became frightened uncontrollably.

“This is the roar of a tiger,” said Yang Ta as he adjusted his spectacles, appearing to be usually calm. He started looking around in search of the origin of the roar.

Except that the group were stuck in the midway up the mountain inside a forest. It was either trees or boulders next to them. They couldn't see anything.

“Let's head to the top of the mountain immediately, so we can surveil from up above,” said He Zihong as he pointed toward the apex of the mountain with his alpenstock.

“But professor….” Said Yang Ta, concerned.

“I am fine. I have recovered already,” said He Zihong as he led the way toward the top of the mountain. He looked as though he had past his threshold and felt refreshed all over again.

“He's so fit for his age,” said Anne as she followed him quickly.

Lin Shuo casted a glance at Anne. He noticed that she had been trekking for two or so hours, not only was she not out of breath at all, she wasn't even sweating.

On the other hand, Wei Xingshan, the head of the mercenaries, even though he looked to be at ease, but he was already starting to sweat.

Her f

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