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citricoslarubia > Hunter Of The Forbidden Region > Chapter 9.2
Anne walked over to Lin Shuo carrying with her two packs of MREs in each hand, “Mr. Lin, Bye, take a look and see what strikes your fancy.”

The starling c.o.c.ked its head and finally spoke, “Woman, we don't eat stuff like these.”

“It looks like Bye is finally feeling better,” smiled Anne. “But Bye, certainly you must eat something!”

“Xiao Ba was right, we don't eat stuff like these,” said Lin Shuo as he shook his head. “These are not nutritious enough.”

“Mr. Lin, surely you are kidding,” said Liu Qing as she approached them with a smile. “These are MREs, they are worth 1,000 calories each. I can't even eat a pack in one meal, else I will gain too much weight.”

Lin Shuo did not rebut her but just stood up, “I am going to go look for something to eat.”

“Mr. Lin, we are deep inside an ancient forest, where are you going to find food from?” asked Liu Qing curiously.

“Let Mr. Lin be,” Anne waved her hand, “He knows what he is doing.”

Lin Shuo took Xiao Ba with him into the forest. Twenty minutes later and before it was entirely dark outside, they returned. Contrasting to him leaving empty-handed, Lin Shuo carried with him a roe deer on his shoulder.

This wasn't a small roe deer, it was bigger than a normal goat, roughly about 30 kilograms.

Using the light from the camp fire, Lin Shuo carried the deer to the river side and skinned and prepped it with his dagger from his waist.

His actions were swift and efficient. It only took him about 2-3 minutes to clean the entire deer.

Lin Shuo then collected a couple tree branches from the river side and cleaned it with his dagger. He skewed the deer and carried it back.

“Excuse me,” he said. And the ones surrounding the fire moved over and provided him with a spot.

He set the deer up above the fire before he fished out a home-made can of spice from the fabric bag he had with him. Pouring spices on his hands, he sprinkled them all over the deer meat generously.

The grease from the heated up deer meat along with Lin Shou's spice gave an exotic aroma that invaded everyone's nostril.


Everybody sitting around the fire swallowed uncontrollably and simultaneously up down the MREs in their hands.

Everybody started staring at the deer being roasted on the open fire.

For about half an hour, Lin Shuo continued to adjust the angle of the deer to make sure each side of heated up evenly.

The aroma became more and more strong. With the delicacy in front of them, the happy antic.i.p.ation made the mercenaries chatty:

“What is this? It smells so good!”

“No need to show off your ignorance, this is a roe deer!”

“I've always heard that roe deer smells amazing, this is the first time I have experienced it in person!”

“This roe deer is fat!”

“I know, it looks to be about 30 kilograms. Don't worry, there's enough to go around.”

“All we have to do is to take a detour for roe deer meat? Mr. Liu could have told us that, and w

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