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citricoslarubia > Killing With Bikini Armor Former Assassin Sees A Dream Of Huge Breasts Over The Boundary > Chapter 16
Chapter 16 – It's my first time,…so please be gentle with me, okay…?

It's finally time for the mock battle.

I am now br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy to kill everyone around me.

Though, it's not something that needs to be enthusiastic about…

「Everyone, I'm guessing your pent-up anger has acc.u.mulated now~」 (Guildmaster)

…perhaps they are quite like so, except for me.

Because I have been feelingthe atmosphere around me is stiff and makes it hard for me to even eat meals recently.

Truly, Guildmaster's support rate is now only in one digit.

Ah, it seems like the guildmaster is greeting. I don't feel the need to listen to him, hence I covered my ears.

「Aa~ *cough* we will nowdo a mock battle as a part of the cla.s.s-… LISTEN TO ME, ALL OF YOU!」 (Guildmaster)

I don't know why the guildmaster is crying as I'm still covering my ears.

…Everyone is covering their ears except for Aemia who I will go and ask her later about it. I wonder what is this strange feeling of solidarity and accomplishment?

I will now hear the speech because the speaker has changed.

Ah, the guildmaster is crouching down while writing 『の』 on the ground.

……Hmm!? Why does the guildmaster know j.a.panese?

「I will randomly select everyone here regardless of their cla.s.s. I won't mind whether you win or lose as it's already enough if you experienced the basic feeling of a battle. However, if you got hurt or fainted while in battle, I will stop the match from the sideline. Until the end, this is just a mock battle, so please don't try to kill your opponent.」 (Teacher)

Some of the people have a dissatisfied face.

Scary lot, I see.

「The person who can use more or less restoration magic, please take care of the injured person. The serious wounded person will be dealt by the healing magicians and monks over here, so please report it to them.」(Teacher)

Then everyone's turn for the battle was pasted on a match chart.

Everyone immediately rushed to the front of the match chart.

My turn is…sixth? The opponent is……? Who……? I don't know him.

Aemia is being crushed in the back and some of the men in that area are grinning for some reason.

Perhaps after a while….


…see? Aemia snapped.

「There won't be any change for your opponent. Now then, the first students, please come forward. The rest will gather around at the edge.」 (Teacher)

The first round.

A well-built warrior and a somewhat frightened magician came forward.

「Don't be too hard on me.」 (Warrior)

「P-please take care of myui.」 (Magician)

Take care of myui….

Will that magician be alright….?

「Begin!」 (Teacher)

The magician striked first.

「……《Flame ball》 Fireball!」 (Magician)

No way! Chantless!?

A fire came out from the magician's hand….

Yes, a fire that is about the size of a match stick….


It was erased by the warrior's spear in one swing.

「Hauu!」 (Magic

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