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Chapter 15

Night after the field exercise .


I’m troubled .

It’s unheard of seeing a redcap during exercises .

There was no problem this time as I was accidentally at the spot that time (I’m boasting!) . It would probably be an instant defeat if he/she was a normal adventurer, though .

If it was a woman… the goblins will rape her until they got bored and kill her, or rather, she will be used for breeding if she’s lucky .

Well, that’s going to be the guildmaster’s problem, so it doesn’t matter for me .

What matters the most now is this leather bikini armor .

It’s a drop item from yesterday’s redcap .

Obviously, I want to wear it .

I want to equip it now .

But there are two serious problems .

1 . It’s embarra.s.sing .

2 . The size is questionable (especially the chest) .

For number one…… For some reason, I don’t have any determination to wear it by now .

Aah, Even though I want to wear it! Even though I want to wear it!

The『Shame』 from the bottom of my mind…is a tough one to beat…!

……well, I will do something about it, including the size problem as well .

For the time being, let’s equip it once .

It won’t be a problem as long as there’s no people watching .

「There’s no problem with the area around my waist and hips, but… as I tought, it’s the chest part, huh…」(Saachi)

It was miserably oversized .

「Weisto? Hippu?」(Aemia)

「Waist is the lower b-……GYAAAAAAAAAH!!」(Saachi)

(TL Note: Saachi first said it in Katakana, then Aemia with hiragana, and finally back to Saachi said “…, lower b-” with a kanji which also literally means waist as well . )

Aemia was standing near me and I was wondering how long she had been there .

「H-how long have you standing here!?」(Saachi)

「Around 『Hmm…hmm…』」(Aemia)

「………? ………!! That’s right from the start!」(Saachi)


「It hurrrrtss!!」(Aemia)

I let out my outburst of anger with a slipper that has shown up for no reason .

I had quite a hard time soothing Aemia, even though she had already calmed down from that last accident .

「Sorry sorry… but, isn’t this what everyone called as a straight man and funny man comedy duo?」(Saachi)

「There’s no such thing as that! What in the world is funny man, anyway!? That was rude!」(Aemia)

「…funny man is someone who is aware that… he’s reacting different from a normal man to what had just been said before…」(Saachi)

I had intended to say it in a whisper, but……


「Eh……? Wait, what are you doing? Why are you using static charge… . ? Your hair is also standing up too-……wait, stop with your jok-ABABABABABABABABABA!」(Saachi)

Please wait for a while .


「I’m sorry, I got a little excited . 」(Aemia)

Why does the story always got derailed when it’s with Aemia?

「…It can’t be helped if we have already g

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