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Chapter 13 – I need to do my best with the cursed sword, right…?

One month after that uproar.

People began to complain due to the fact that we only repeat basic training every day.

The basics are important, but… it can't be helped if everyone got tired of repeating the same thing.

It appears that some adventurers already went to the guildmaster to protest.

But probably……

「It hurts…!!」 (Adventurer A)

「That stupid strength……」 (Adventurer B)

「……why can't I get a single hit on him?」 (Adventurer C)

As I thought.

A splendid b.u.mp was made on everyone's head.

「Randell-san's fist is painful, right?」 (Aemia)

「Well, Aemia's the one who got it first, right?….wait, who's Randell?」 (Saachi)

「Eh? You don't know? It's guildmaster's name.」 (Aemia)

I didn't care about his name as I always call him guildmaster every time….

「That Yandell-san,」(Saachi)

「It's Randell-san.」 (Aemia)

「Yeah, guildmaster. He's being hated by everyone more and more, I guess?」 (Saachi)

「……I feel that you don't want to call him by his name.」 (Aemia)

I gently ignored Aemia's nonchalant retort.

「The hate towards basic training is rising as it has been going on since school started.」 (Saachi)

「I think the basics are important too, but…」 (Aemia)

Even the honor student, Aemia has her own limit, huh……

I wonder what the guildmaster will do about this.

And thereafter, it seems that negotiations with the guildmaster and meeting with the students' relatives had frequently occurred for a while.

As expected, the guildmaster also seemed to be fed up with these persistency.

And thus, it turns out into a field exercise for tomorrow and a mock battle for the day after tomorrow.

Everyone was cheering 『Team victory』 but…. please think about the hards.h.i.+p of the perpetrator, okay?

Eh? What did I do, you said?

I only put a little anesthetic in guildmaster's drink, put bangs on his head while he's fast asleep, and reported 「There's a pervert」 to the nearby Knights' station, though.

It's just your imagination if you cannot see the guildmaster in these couple of days.

The next day.

A field exercise has began by the the guildmaster's order who's looking somewhat dejected.

The exercise for this time is goblin hunting with a group of two or three people.

It's about how many right ears that we can collect, which is a definite proof for the subjugation.

……I was disgusted to hear about the proof at first when I started, but I have gotten used to it now……

How come everyone is fine with this?

I'm teaming up with Aemia. As expected, there's a lot of three-man groups here.

However, our group has Aemia.

With Aemia's 《Battery Storage》 Battery Charge skill, we can kill the goblins all at once.

At any rate, as I can only specialized in a one-on-one combat, I will focus on the gobli

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