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citricoslarubia > Killing With Bikini Armor Former Assassin Sees A Dream Of Huge Breasts Over The Boundary > Chapter 18
I have come!…so as my s.e.x appeal…right…?

Saachi: “Uu~……my muscles are still acting strangely.”

Seems like I fainted because of Aemia's 《Battery Charge》.

And Aemia was puffing in anger next to me.

Aemia: “You reap what you sow!”

Saachi: “No, I don't know what was that for, though…?”

Aemia: “Certainly I lost to Diane and was put in shame! I might also did some things that had to be blamed!”

No, there were too many things, you know….

Aemia: “But! Saachi didn't have to get that upset! I can't bear it if something malicious comes for Saachi!”


Saachi: “What? So you're saying that you hate it if I got inflicted by some kind of danger and resentment?”

Aemia: “Yes that's right! I am a n.o.blewoman! It's Donovan family's obligation and responsibility to defend and lead the citizens as n.o.bles!”

Saachi: “…even though you disinherited it?”


Oh dear.

It seems that I have said something that should not be said….

Aemia: “Uuu…*sniff*…certainly I have disinherited it…*sniff* *sniff*…but I also still have my pride…HWEEEEEE!”

Ah, she cried.

Saachi: “I'm sorry, but I can't afford to forgive someone who burns a girl's hair…”

Aemia: “…it will be fixed with recovery magic, you know?”

Ehh!? Is that true?

I looked at the children from the Recovery Magic cla.s.s who were nearby.

*Nod nod*

Everyone nodded.


Saachi: “Still…… I cannot forgive him!”

My words somehow turned bad so I made a forced cut off.

……Honestly, I cannot say that I have done too much with Daian.

Or rather, I didn't kill him enough.

……Ah, I made a mistake with the letter.

(TL Note: a word play of “Yarimasu” which means do something and also kill something if the Ya part is a kanji)

Guild Staff: “Ah, you have woken up, I see.”

The guild staff came while saying so to me.

She's the receptionist from before.

Receptionist: “If you find your physical condition still looks strange, would you like to withdraw from the battle?”

……It's already my turn, I see.

Saachi: “It's fine, I will go.”

Receptionist: “I understand. However…”


Receptionist: “Please refrain from…. breaking your opponent's mind like Daian-san, yes…?”

Saachi: “Aahh~…yeah, sure. I will be gentle as much as possible.”

Receptionist: “as much as possible…?”

The receptionist has an awful complexion suddenly so let's stop.

……Oh, speaking of which.

Saachi: “…How's Daian-kun?”

Receptionist: “For some reason, I feel like only Saachi-san is calling Daian-san differently, though…”

(TL Note: Yet again, Saachi calls him in kanji while the receptionist calls him in katakana)


Receptionist: “He's secluding himself on his room after the treatment was over.”

……Well I can't say for sure if I feel sorry or it was a suitable punishment for him.

Guild Staff: “Now then, on to the next match.”

It's already been completely decided that

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